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About ADR Systems

ADRSystem - ADRlogo800.jpg

About ADR Systems

About ADR Systems

Harmonize and Cleanse Your Space, Food and Beverages

  • Neutralize and harmonize the adverse effects of environmental energy forces, and electromagnetic pollutants with ADR devices.
  • We can improve your water quality and the taste of all foods containing water.
  • The ADR System products to neutralize & harmonize the adverse effects of environmental energy forces, and electromagnetic pollutants.

We all need to balance the energetic aspects in our body.

ADR System Products Can Enhance Your Everyday Existence

ADRs have improved water quality, and the taste of all foods containing water, as well as balancing energetic aspects in your body. These products can enhance your everyday existence.

Block Disease and Promote Healing

For the reversal of discomforts and disease caused by electro-smog, the increasing levels of dissonant frequencies emitted by wireless devices (wireless and cellular phones, wireless networks, blue-tooth devices), electric motors (fans, fridges, hair dryers, photocopiers, printers), converters (the black box plug-ins) and car engines we bring you these wonderful products. We use these products ourselves, in our offices and on our telephones.

In our developed society, much attention is paid to the adverse effects of electromagnetic pollutants from devices, negative energy, and lower quality water & food. This can cause many harmful, slowly developing changes in your body, leading to very serious illnesses. As the sources are unrecognizable, the symptoms can be very difficult to diagnose and treat. With the ADR products, these invisible, pre-disease changes can be delayed and even halted.

Wearing a protective device will equalize the levels of energy in all meridians of your body, restoring balance from environmental disturbances. Ingesting restructured foods & beverages will neutralize & balance the energies you take in. In these ways, your body’s protective mechanisms are able to compensate for adverse energies around you. All materials and components used in the manufacture of ADR Products are the result of extensive scientific research.

Caution: If you have a cardiac pacemaker implant or other medical device that could be affected by a magnetic field, do not place any ADR Product directly on your body.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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