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About Generation Plus

About Generation Plus

About Generation Plus

These Formulations are Second To None

For instance, we do not use any “other ingredients” in our products, which means that they free from all excipients. They get right to the heart of healing without any unwanted chemicals to obstruct, inhibit, or in any other way negatively affect the results you have grown to expect. We very carefully select density specific active ingredients in the formulation process. This allows us to provide you with consistency in batch manufacturing without compromising our products with the use of excipients that have at best, no proven health benefits. Additionally we think it’s important for you to know that Generation Plus has taken several monumental steps into the future with the process of bioenergy infusion. This process supports the objective of our products with the infusion of specific, activated subatomic energies.

On a Side Note

This company decided to explore what anagrams may develop within the company name “Generation Plus”. Interestingly enough they learned that you can spell “Opening a Result” using the exact same letters within “Generation Plus”. This remarkable discovery seems to align itself perfectly with their purpose. When you purchase these products, you may also be opening a result. But don’t take our word for it, try these products for yourself, because the brand speaks for itself.

No question about it – a healthful diet when combined with an adequate exercise program, a positive attitude and plenty of laughter is the true basis for a healthier lifestyle. When these items are practiced consistently you will feel better and live longer. Then when it comes time for you to bridge the nutritional gap, you can count on Generation Plus products to take your health the extra mile.

Generation Plus: Quality You Can Count On

For all of this, Generation Plus would like to thank GOD. They feel that they have been provided guidance and inspiration through prayer, which has subsequently allowed them to become an instrument through which better health is provided.

Bio-Energy Infusion

What Does “Infused” or “Infusion” Actually Mean?

All organic matter emits bio-energies. Generation+ has taken several monumental steps into the future with the process of bio-energy infusion. Infuse- transitive verb infuse: to cause to be permeated with something (as a principle or quality) that alters usually for the better. A mean to introduce one thing into another so as to affect it throughout. Infuse implies a pouring in of something that gives new life or significance. When the human energy system becomes unbalanced or stops flowing, illness and disease result. Trauma is a cause of energy system blockage, but there are many factors that affect the flow of energy within our body. Bioenergy, referred to as Chi or Prana in Traditional Oriental Medicine, has been regarded since ancient times as the life sustaining force of the universe.

One of Russia’s leading researchers in quantum radio-physics, a doctor who is internationally known for his research on the nonlinear interaction of laser light with matter, has discovered a way to harness bioenergy using the methodology and technology of modern physics. Following decades of research this scientist has developed a plasma-based computerized system that uses a low intensity, alternating magnetic field for generating bioenergy This equipment contains a sub unit that separates bio-energies from the electromagnetic field, limiting the output of the generator to only bioenergy This is the technology that harnesses specific formulations of bioenergy and infuses them into “substance-carriers” that dramatically enhance Zymitol’s and Naticor’s bioactivity. This infusion of specific activated energies supports the objective of our products.

We have mapped the energies emitted by the enzyme formula and infused those same energies back into itself. Additionally we have selected other specific energy patterns from L-arginine, a unique Asian herb formula and a specific energetic formula chosen to support overall well being and to promote the overall harmonized effect of all ingredients, furthering our enhancement strategy.

(L-Arginine for hypertension, circulatory health and heart health)

This process of infusion works in the same way that a magnetic field can be used to magnetize iron. When you expose a piece of iron to a magnetic field the iron becomes magnetized, i.e. the iron itself becomes a source of the magnetic field. In the same way, when you expose Naticor to a bio-energetic field with specialized equipment, the product becomes infused with that energy field, resulting in optimized performance.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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