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Podcast 462: Cellerciser

With David Hall and Martin Pytela. The Cellerciser is designed to help improve cardiovascular health, increase circulation and lympathic health, strengthen muscles, and increase overall fitness at a cellular level. It’s a low-impact type of exercise that doesn’t put strain on our joints like other high-impact exercises… Read More


A combination of physical movement, controlled breathing and meditation, it works regardless of your spiritual beliefs… Read More

Nutrition Price vs Value

Good health is a result of taking responsibility, with money, time, effort and high doses of self-love… Read More

Post Workout Shake

Make one with high quality protein and simple carbohydrates, to actually stop the process of muscle break down almost immediately… Read More

Cellercising is Different from Rebounding

These rebounders are different from all other mini-trampolines. We guarantee that you’ll feel the difference… Read More

Cellerciser Workout

Exercises can be done slowly or at a sprint. They will all help you burn fat and build muscles that speeds weight loss… Read More

Glutathione in Human Disease

Glutathione attaches itself to toxins, makes them easily transportable for efficient elimination in your bile and stool… Read More

Chronic Pain Solutions

Heal the root of your health conditions so that you can live life to the fullest. No bandaid solutions here. We Help You Eliminate the CAUSE… Read More

Enzymes Increase Anabolism

By improved digestion and absorption of nutrients from food, which also preserves muscle mass… Read More

Pain Free Training by Dr. William Wong

For training without pain, take Systemic Enzymes and Probiotics, every day for the rest of your life… Read More

Autism Solutions

Eliminate toxins anywhere possible: air, water, food, dishes and pots, clothing, furniture, cars, offices… Read More

Essentials of Life and Wellness

When we take important vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, we are skirting around the outside of the essentials for health… Read More