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Namaste – Yoga

Namaste Yoga. It seems like everyone is doing it these days, from professional athletes, to Hollywood celebrities and their fitness trainers, to stay-at-home moms and busy managers who need a moment to unwind after a stressful day. […]

Price vs. value

Price vs. value ​ Today’s society is so driven by money, its scary. People, who make money by selling fitness programs, diet supplements, and cosmetic must haves, try to convince us that everything can be purchased beauty, […]

Cellerciser Workout

Cellerciser Workout The Baby Bounce – Arguably the most beneficial movement for improving circulation, relieving stress, and improving balance. By gently bouncing up and down we create pressure changes in the body that stimulates and circulates every […]

Cellerciser Construction

Cellerciser Construction The Springs New triple-tiered tapered spring adjusts to the weight of the user automatically. The Easy-Bounce Cellerciser is not a hard bounce rebounder. Most rebounders use little tube springs that can cause nerve damage, knee […]

Pain Free Training

Pain Free Training Avoid A lot of Running – Remember Dr. Ken Coopers admonition that anything over 3 miles 3 times a week is done for “reasons other than fitness.” Treadmills: These bio-mechanically really don’t simulate running […]

Podcast 345: Whole Body Vibration

Podcast 345: Whole Body Vibration Although there is good information here, please note that we no longer sell the Vibration Machine. How Whole Body Vibration Works If you read the history page, you know that the technology […]

Podcast 327: Astaxanthin

Dr. Curtis Braun and Shane Lander of Regenurex Health Corp join Martin Pytela and Scott Paton to talk about the world’s most powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin. Inflammation is a root cause of many age-related ailments. Astaxanthin is a powerful […]

Podcast 203: Health Basics

Podcast 203: Health Basics Today’s Podcast starts with Scott telling a story about his Zeolite supplementation (detoxification) program, and his son’s 50 pound weight loss. Martin begins with the story of selling his rebounder to someone who […]

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