Sulfur is regarded as nature’s “beauty mineral” because of its role in young, healthy-looking skin and glossy hair. Sulfur is an integral component of protein. It is assumed that a diet with sufficient protein automatically delivers sufficient sulfur. It may not be so simple. Sulfur is also involved in functions outside of its structural protein – Cellular respiration, life-energy and oxygen utilization, to name a few. Thus supplementation may be useful. Sulfur is found in insulin and is synergistic with B vitamins and lipoic acid for metabolism and nerves. Some forms of arthritis may be indicators of Sulfur deficiency Sulfur may also be useful in making the body undesirable to worms and parasites.

MSM or methyl-sulfonyl-methane

As most things in life, not all MSM sulfur products are equal. Bio-available organic sulfur is often ignored even though it is essential and fundamental for healthy function of all body cells. MSM should not be though of as a nutritional supplement similar to vitamins. It is is supposed to be in food (although these days it is deficient) and it is a absolutely essential in a healthy diet. Not all MSM products are “just plain MSM”. Pure MSM has significantly better healing properties than MSM added to encapsulated products. Because bio-available sulfur is involved at the cellular level, it shows up as beneficial in many conditions. We are not suggesting that we are offering a cure to anything, we only offer the idea and possibility that when you nourish your cells well, and supply missing ingredients, you will experience a dramatic improvement in function.

Deficient sulfur is involved in:

Skin Conditions: acne, psoriasis, rosacea (red skin splotches), liver spots, lupus.

Breathing Issues: Allergies, Asthma, and Emphysema, especially conditions that require the use of bottled oxygen.

Dietary Issues: Addictions and food cravings, and even drug withdrawals are lessened with added sulfur.

Inflammation: Autism, Rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimotos, Migraine, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia – all of these are exacerbated by deficient cellular respiration that is greatly dependent on abundant sulfur.

Chemotherapy: nausea, diarrhea, or hair loss during chemotherapy can be diminished with ample MSM intake. You can also expect reduction in cancer markers, because cancer thrives only in low oxygen cellular terrain.

Diabetes: sulfur is essential in the production of insulin and sulfur-based amino acids, that in turn are essential in the processing of carbohydrates, food that produces the highest glucose swings.

Structural: Back issues, pain, or crooked spine, even ankylosing spondylitis will improve with sulfur. Arthritic swollen and disfigured joints will straighten, and scar tissue will diminish.

Liver and Immune: Because sulfur is involved at the cellular respiration level, it will support all cells to revert to proper respiration (not fermentation associated with cancer). The cells will produce more energy and keep viral infection at bay.

Kidney Stones: Some types of kidney stones are related to cellular respiration and to mineral balances.

Heart Health: High dose of MSM will improve cellular respiration, including the hard working heart muscles.

High Blood Pressure: MSM will have a positive effect on calcium plaque in the arteries and on cholesterol levels, with resulting rejuvenation of the whole vascular system.

Sexual Response: Women can expect an increase in vaginal lubrication during arousal. Men will experience stronger and more stable erections.

General Benefits: pain reduction, more energy, clearer thinking, increased sense of well-being, better skin tone, texture, and color, lessening of wrinkles and scars, even acne pock marks. Restoration of natural hair color, skin (liver) spots diminishing, all signs of better cellular respiration and reversal of aging.