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Podcast 474: Staying Healthy in a Toxic World

Interconnectedness of chemical sensitivities and intolerances, autism and geo-engineering… Read More

Podcast 464: Cholephage

With Spencer Feldman from Remedy Link. When Ox bile is consumed, it enters the bloodstream to support the body with the break down and elimination of unwanted fats and cholesterol. After riding the body of rancid fats, we need to replace them with healthy fats our body can actually utilize… Read More

What’s In Your Face Cream?

Powder foundation, blush, eye shadow, bronzer and sunscreen are loaded with toxic chemicals… Read More

Common Toxic Metals to Avoid

Mercury (dental fillings), thimoserol (vaccines), lead (paint, gasoline), aluminum (antiperspirants) and more… Read More

Aluminum Toxicity

Early symptoms may affect your nervous and digestive systems, skin, behaviors and tendency for colds/flu/infections… Read More