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Proteolytic Enzymes

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Thimerosal Shameful Politics

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Mercury Toxicity Symptoms

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Mercury Rising Everywhere

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Mercury in the Air

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Cause of Degenerative Disease

All degenerative disease begins as a relative shift of the pH level in the tissues of the body. These tissues become oxidized, diseased and old… Read More

Causes of Auto-Immune Disease

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Vaccine Linked to MS

Immunization with the recombinant hepatitis B vaccine is associated with an increased risk of MS… Read More

Multiple Sclerosis

A chronic debilitating disease that affects the spinal cord, brain and central nervous system… Read More

Metabolic Imbalances

Four fundamental balances must be maintained for the body to remain in optimum physical condition… Read More

Metabolic Diets

Find your specific Metabolic Type to determine what foods contribute to your health, and those that do not… Read More

Chronic Disease Assumptions

Discoveries about how chemicals and environmental toxins interact with our DNA and make us susceptible to disease could revolutionize our concept of illness… Read More