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The Confusion of Vegetarianism

Brilliant scientists determined that when patients’ acid-alkaline was not balanced, they had low wellness, psychological problems and degenerative diseases… Read More

Insulin and Diabetes: A Metabolic Typing Perspective

Metabolic Typing is THE tool you need for optimal health, to feed your unique body type so it can clean, repair and maintain itself… Read More

Podcast 442: Sulfur Salts

With Phil Thomas. Sulfur Salts help you detoxify from heavy metals, enhance circulatory health, repair thyroid and metabolic functions, improve blood pressure, stress and more… Read More

Prebiotic Inulin by Martin Pytela

Inulin is a type of prebiotic and a major constituent of Dahlia tubers. It helps certain beneficial bacteria to grow… Read More

Ecklonia Cava: Fountain of Youth from Brown Seaweed

Helps your body produce Nitric Oxide (NO) that dilates blood vessels and keeps them wide open. Prevents tightening and narrowing… Read More

Deadly Diabetes Deception

Learn why Diabetes isn’t routinely being cured, and how to cure it… Read More