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Digestive System Explained and Disorders

Digestion begins when you smell something good to eat and salivate, preparing for that first scrumptious bite… Read More

Toxic Additives in Your Food and Drink

Animals fed aspartame accumulated formaldehyde in their cells, and damaged cellular proteins and DNA… Read More

Slippery Elm

Soothing nutritive demulcent for sensitive or inflamed mucous membrane linings in the digestive system… Read More


Helps relax smooth muscles of trachea and intestine, and have liver protective and anti-tumor activity. Read More

Weight Gain and Gluten Sensitivity

Sensitivity to gluten affects about 30% and it varies from mild to severely overwhelming and devastating… Read More

Proteolytic Enzymes and Inflammation

Examples are bromelain, papain, pancreatin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, rutin and they’re essential regulators and modulators of the inflammatory response… Read More

Biography: Dr. David Wheeler

He worked with subtle energies, the vibrational issues that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary product effects. His M-water is matching the best of the field results… Read More

Podcast 035: Generation Plus Enzymes

With Patrick Buehl. Different formulas and roles of Digestive and Systemic Enzymes. Contain fulvic acid and vibrational infusion to make products ever more effective… Read More