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Podcast 473: Watch Your Water

Research shows toxins infiltrate our water, affecting organs including the kidneys, bowels, brain, heart, ovaries and testes… Read More

Podcast 472: Biodynamic Water Filter System

With Charlles Bohdy. This is unique and superior system combines filtration with softening and Energizing. For superior hydration, mineralization and removes toxins too… Read More

High Spin State Water

The simple explanation of what the fundamental essence of water is strongly suggests errors in reasoning… Read More

Podcast 461: Water Beads

With Fred Kaufman. Water Beads are an incredible way to bring life back to water. They will energize and improve the quality of water in anything, including food, beverages, your body, pets and plants. Water Beads are a portable and convenient version of Water Sticks for water pipes… Read More

Energized Water for Intracellular Hydration

This water has their molecules returned to their original pure, super-moisturizing state for maximum hydration… Read More

Water: The Magic and Majesty

Naturally occurring water vortices create spring-quality water and generate energies in and with water and air… Read More

Water Memory Interview with Dr. Ludwig

Water that has been exposed to pollutants is dead, yet we have the technology to restore it, to its original pure state… Read More

Memory of Water

Water has an incredible capacity to store and amplify energy. And it can return to its original pure, super-hydrating state… Read More

Black Mica Water

Powerful energy that electrically energizes drinking water and the water in your body. Destroys bad bacteria, removes chlorine… Read More

Ancient Rejuvenation Technology

These Artifacts work on the same principle as our other Star Chamber devices. They accumulate ambient life force and transfer it to any water rich objects near by. The effects people experience include increased energy, relief from pain and clarity of thinking. Read More

Living Water, Vital Air

Water has unexpected properties that increase in deviance between ultrapure water and “ordinary” water… Read More

Energized Water Benefits

Improved hydration supports better function in every body, from professional athletes to aging retirees… Read More