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Podcast 467: Protelase

With Spencer Feldman. Spike proteins produced by the recent jab experiment can have severe repercussions like blood clotting (stroke), autoimmune problems and various other issues… Read More

Podcast 433: Cirsten W Health Talks – Part 6

With Cirsten Weldon. Answering your most asked health questions about heavy metal detox, immunity, digestive health, and more… Read More

Scientific Research: Exsula Ingredients

Listed Alphabetically for Your Convenience Read More

Podcast 363: Introducing HCP Formulas

With Michael Kramarczyk. Unique formulas, designed with cutting-edge science, and the very best, most pure ingredients… Read More

Enzymes: Digestive and Systemic Explained

Most think Enzymes are only involved with digestion but they do so much more. Vital for proper inflammatory response. That helps reduce pain. And increase circulation, to reduce risk of heart and blood clot issues… Read More

Probiotics, Enzymes and Minerals

Balance your gut flora, ease digestive troubles, reduce pain from inflammation and remineralize… Read More


Supports the liver, brain, uterus and joints. It helps the body eliminate toxins. Very focusing for a confused and overstressed mind… Read More

AFA Algae Nutrients

Benefits of AFA Algae Nutrients are well documented. Read More

What you NEED TO KNOW about High Cholesterol

Although mainstream medicine says statins drugs reduce cholesterol, blood clots, strokes and heart attacks – this is NOT true… Read More

Systemic Enzymes and Disappearing Spider Veins

Systemic Enzymes eat scar tissue, safely and painlessly. Read more to learn that spider veins are not incurable… Read More

Proteolytic Enzymes and Inflammation

Examples are bromelain, papain, pancreatin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, rutin and they’re essential regulators and modulators of the inflammatory response… Read More

Healing Power of Proteolytic Enzymes by Dr. Murray

Proteolytic enzymes (or proteases) refer to the various enzymes that digest protein (break down into smaller units)… Read More