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Soy: The Poison Seed

Soy: The Poison Seed This piece will be short and very much to the point. As Americas largest cash crop soy is being touted as having a myriad of health benefits. Far from! Soy is poison, period! […]


Sprouts Biodynamic (rich in SOD and catalase) Sprouts of Lentil, Soy, Wheat & Mung Bean Sprouts are a superior source of antioxidant and nutritional factors for energy and endurance. Sprouts support the reduction of cellular damage by […]

Raw Milk

Raw Milk The Health Benefits Of Raw Milk From Grass-fed Animals In 1970, I went to live on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. I was quite ill with gastrointestinal problems. I began living mostly on seafood, fresh […]

Strata Flora: Tidy Up Inside

Strata Flora: Tidy Up Inside Reinforce your immune system, which is coming under increasing assault from antibiotic-bred supergerms, as well as from entirely new germs and viruses arriving out of remote jungles and villages. All Exsula Superfoods […]

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