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Eating Wisely

Stay hydrated, eat healthy fats and whole foods. Avoid bad fats and sugar. Add a multivitamin and find your specific Metabolic Type… Read More

Food Additives: The Dirty Dozen

The only way to avoid dangerous food additives is to eat whole, natural, organic food… Read More

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated water will make your plants grow vigorously but is not good for us to drink in large quantities… Read More

GMO Corn

GMO corn is loaded with RoundUp. Scientific evidence on glyphosate accumulated over 3 decades documents miscarriages, birth defects, carcinogenesis and more… Read More

Antibiotic-Free Pork and Chicken

Compass Group only buys pork and chicken that doesn’t use antibiotics to make animals grow faster… Read More

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Chemical analysis of soda drinks with HFCS show free monosaccharides convert to harmful carbonyl compounds not found in natural foods… Read More

Sugar and Mental Health

From the Book: Sugar Blues. Many common physical AND mental issues are linked to refined sugar… Read More

Book: Sugar Blues

Classic health bestseller that exploded the sugar myth, and inspired an health revolution… Read More

Refined Sugar Is Not Healthy

Some studies claim that high sugar intake is related to developing heart and blood sugar diseases, obesity and dental trouble… Read More

Aspartame​ Lawsuit

Aspartame​ Lawsuit Lawsuit charges use of neurotoxic Aspartame in Equal, knowing exposure causes many symptoms and other diseases… Read More

Evils in Aspartame Consumption

FDA continues to resist doing more comprehensive studies as requested by scientists and doctors… Read More

Our Agricultural Situation

Much of our food is really low in nutrients due to our current agricultural practices… Read More