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Vaccine Risks vs Benefits?

When you are pH balanced and your immune system is strong, you will not catch anything, because it will not stick to you. Read More

Vaccine Risks versus Profits

Have you noticed the rising tide of autism in our society? Read More

Podcast 321 about Vaccines, Infant Death and more

Many struggle with the decision. We are pro immunization, but against vaccines that injure thousands. Read More

Podcast 172 about Autism and Vaccines

Vaccination does not equal immunization. Do not trust the official channel to protect you. It protects the manufacturers, and they have been exempted from liability by the government. Read More

Podcast 162 about Vaccines and Autism

There is a link that has been hard to prove, because it is not always the vaccine that represents the last straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. But it could be. Read More

Podcast 062 about Health Myths Part 2

Continuation of the discussion about Health Myths you need to know about, including the Myth of Whole Grain, and the Myth of Food Pyramid. Read More

Podcast 061 about Health Myths Part 1

Martin and Scott debunk the biggest Myths of good health in this special two part series. Salt, vaccines, testosterone are highlighted in this episode. Read More