Trace Minerals Produce a Major Effect

Trace minerals are essential to all life. We get them from the foods we eat as long as they are grown on well-mineralized soils so eating industrial foods will always leave you deficient.

The most important discovery about your health, or about the cause of dis-ease, may be this: your consciousness affects your well being. Your state of health is directly influenced by your thoughts and emotions. Some people call it frequency or vibration either way, they reflect your level of consciousness. You can actually raise your level of your consciousness, with tools created by Farrell Brenner, the inventor and producer of Smart Minerals. His ability to help people break out of their limiting patterns is well documented and appreciated. If you feel that you’d like to take yourself to the next level, consider The Gift, a tool to clear blockages that are impeding the flow of life force in your body.

Most health problems that people develop are caused by distortions in our subtle energy flows the chi or prana which can be shifted energetically. No physical contact required. You do the work, the vibrational product only facilitates the changes that you are making yourself. We are not practicing medicine we are educating people and teaching them to help themselves. Thank you for sending me my second bottle of The Gift. In the past, I have noticed that sometimes it had an immediate noticeable impact on me and other times it appears that I obtained little or no benefit. When I do receive the benefits of The Gift, I feel refreshed, relaxed, and more comfortable with myself and my surroundings, and I feel confident and capable.

I have made a recent discovery with respect to The Gift. I recently started to take a mineral supplement called ConcenTrace trace minerals. I have been taking the maximum recommended amount of 1/2 teaspoon daily just before or after taking The Gift. When I take the mineral supplement in conjunction with The Gift, the benefits of The Gift are maximized. It is just like a switch goes off in my head and The Gift hits me like a hammer of well-being. I thought I should pass this information along to you in case The Gifts effects require a person’s physiology to have a proper trace mineral balance.

Thank you again for sharing The Gift with me; I greatly appreciate it.
~ Sincerely, Leonard Joseph

Responses from the first wave of users of The Gift varied: some reported phenomenal experiences and others not. We found three limiters on getting good results with The Gift, a clearing of energetic blockages mentioned above.
Let me quote from a letter by Farrel Brenner (the inventor and producer of Smart Minerals).

The first is a deficiency of ordinary trace minerals. This is easy to remedy. Here is how I became aware of the issue: Someone reported that he had the best experience of his life after taking The Gift and became the person the always wanted to be. Later this state eroded and he was unable to recapture it. When I heard of his experience, I wondered if he had used up another resource needed for making good use of The Gift and if so what that might be. When I heard of Leonard’s report from a mutual friend, I remembered that one of the first discoveries I made about getting into high energy states is that it rapidly depletes trace minerals.

I found that among other practitioners using energy devices, they were getting good results initially. After a while, they failed to do so until they got recipients to supplement with trace minerals. I recommend ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops for this purpose. I have been researching the characteristics of different sources of trace minerals for some time, and find them to be more effective than any other salts that I tried. Next, best choices are Flower of the Ocean sea salt and Himalayan Crystal salt. The second limiting factor is subconscious fear. For this reason, I have come to generally recommend that the first intent that users focus on when starting to use The Gift is safety.

In my private practice this frequently comes up as the first request from my clients inner wisdom. Here is a method to release subconscious fear about The Gift. Take some Gift and repeat as though you REALLY mean it, It is safe for me to change. Put some oomph into it. Repeat the phrase several times placing emphasis on a different word in the sentence each time. Then close your eyes for a minute or two just letting the idea soak in. Then you can go on to set a higher self-esteem as shown on the page The Gifts Directions for Use. Safety can be a good starting point before any major change to your system.

The third limiting factor is that people may be getting a benefit but not noticing it, denying it or simply not appreciating it. This has to do with how people are put together internally and is very individual. For example, I gave some of The Gift to a dear friend who took it and said she didn’t notice anything. I said, Nothing at all? She replied that she had only noticed some emotions. This person is well known for disregarding her emotions. The Gift caused some changes or released something emotional in her and this might be what she needed the most. It definitely happened but she ignored it and said both to herself and me, Nothing happened.

Over time, she continued to use the Gift and the result was apparent in that she became more and more loving, kindly and positive. But she herself did not notice these changes. This impediment is the most difficult to fix, but there is a way. Find someone who can accurately muscle test you for the self-esteem statements as shown on the page The Gifts Directions for Use and better yet, can accurately scale you on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness. Do the testing before, and again after, you do all of this: Take five drops of The Gift, use the safety statements and then the self-esteem statements.

(Remember that it is recommended that the repetition of the statements be done forcefully, slowly and with meaning, seven times.) Wait three minutes after you are finished and have the testing done again by your helper. You will find a dramatic shift in the Level Of Consciousness and the level of self-esteem! We have done these experiments with expert testers who never met me and have no connection with this product. They have all been astonished at how much change is created. Much more than they have seen by any other method. Seeing is believing but experiencing is even better! By the way, some of you may think that taking multi-vitamin mineral supplements supplies sufficient trace minerals.

Trace minerals are quickly expended by exposure to cell phones, computers, televisions, microwaves, living in cities, living near high power lines and being around a lot of electrical equipment or appliances. Likewise, consuming coffee, chocolate, sugar and other processed or refined foods deplete them. Trace mineral levels are affected by both high or prolonged stress and entering into high energy states such as those granted by The Gift and various energy development practices. According to my research, all of these influences indicate the need for extra trace minerals. Many thanks to all of you who have given feedback about your experiences. I hope this letter helps everyone make better use of The Gift. Raise your consciousness and you have already helped the whole world become a better place!

With respect, and kindest regards to all,

Farrell Brenner for Smart Minerals Corporation

Author: Farrell Brenner