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Why Supplement Enzymes?


Enzymes are the refineries that transform crude food into perfect fuel for every cell – and, enzymes are the sparkplugs that unleash that energy.


Enzyme quality and vitality determine the accuracy of cell replication when old cells are replaced by new ones – antioxidant enzymes defend cells against free radicals and are solely responsible for the breakdown and elimination of their toxic byproducts.


Enzymes are the ‘gears and levers’ of the immune system defending us from bacteria, viruses, parasites, cancer and toxins.


Enzymes are your body’s repair crew that ‘stitches -up’ the tissue at injury sites. The better the enzymes, the more perfect the repair.

Liver Health!

Your liver is the largest organ in your body – it is the heart of enzyme production and conversions – the health and vitality of all of the other organs depends upon the liver – the harder you work your liver, and the more you deprive it of dietary enzymes, the faster it will age – liver efficiency is one of the key measures of true biological age.

Fat Loss & Fitness!

Enzymes are essential for conversion of crude stored fats into usable energy – no amount of dieting can permanently replace these essential conversions – typical dieting can leave the enzyme system undernourished -enzymes and exercise are essential for maintaining youthful muscle mass and a shapely form.

Intelligence & Memory!

Antioxidant enzyme ratios in animals correspond directly to intelligence and the performance lifespan of their brains.


Enzymes are the submicroscopic machines that replenish depleted hormones and restore optimum healthy desire and performance. Enzymes work hand-in-hand with nutrients that register pleasure and create the ‘afterglow’. Enzymes are responsible for creating the aura of radiant readiness that initially attracts and then generates continued bonding with our mates.

Skin & Beauty!

No amount of cosmetics can reproduce the glowing beauty from within created by enzymes – in our youth, these enzymes are plentiful and our skin displays a natural radiance – over time, our body-generated enzyme production declines – dietary enzymes can support increased intrinsic production as well as providing a new outside source.

Author: Life Enthusiast