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  • Powerful Free Radical Scavenger

    Ecklonia Cava Extract

    Powerful Free Radical Scavenger

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     By: Marine Technology
    Powerful Free Radical Scavenger

    Ecklonia Cava Extract is known as a Super Antioxidant with powerful free radical scavenging ability. It can also cross the blood-brain barrier. Especially good at relieving most chronic degenerative conditions and reducing inflammation. Users report higher energy, sounder sleep (more sleep and falling asleep quicker), reduced pain and general improvement of health conditions - more good days every week. Promotes weight loss (fights obesity), cardiovascular benefits from heart-healthy compounds that scavenge free radicals in the bloodstream and promotes healthy cholesterol levels. Conditions shown to improve by taking Ecklonia Cava Extract: Chronic Fatigue Degenerative...

    • Unique and Powerful Antioxidant – Improve Brain Function, Alertness and Memory
    • Decrease Body Fat, Increase Muscle Mass, Reduce Inflammation
    • Overcome Erectile Dysfunction at 1200mg/day – Nitric Oxide Release
  • LipiCept

    Support Healthy Cholesterol

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     By: HCP Formulas
    Support Healthy Cholesterol

    LipiCept helps bring your cholesterol levels into normal range, and keep them there. Reduce your risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease and blood clots. Contains two proven effective, proprietary plant-based blends to lower blood cholesterol. LipiCept Contains: 1. Pantesin Showed a significant improvement in blood lipid ratios over and above the Heart Healthy Diet! Pantethine (as Pantesin) is proven to treat cardiovascular disease. Also treats stress, auto immune disorders, painful joints and inflammed bowel diseases. 2. Sytrinol Branded blend of citrus and palm fruit extracts, proven to lower blood cholesterol. Powerful antioxidant to...

    • Normalize Your Cholesterol
    • Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
    • Plant-based Ingredients, Proven to Lower Cholesterol