Aura Infusions

Spirit of Love

Feel Loved
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  • Connect with your partner like you never did before
  • Open Your Spiritual Heart and fill it with Compassion, Love, Kindness
  • Banish your relationship fears and insecurities, resolve conflicts

Feel Loved


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Feel Loved and Connected with Compassion and KindnessFeel Loved and Connected with Compassion and Kindness


Experience compassion for yourself and others.

Each aura infusion is carefully harmonized to trigger a profound shift in your mood and physiology. Aura Infusions, Spirit of Love

  • Aphrodisiac
  • Draw people to you
  • Attract a partner in a dating situation
  • Heart centered atmosphere
  • Cooperation, Resolve conflict
  • Improve socialization
  • Improve body image and self esteem
  • Act as a Mood-booster
  • Increase sensuality/sexuality
  • Help with your reproductive system

Your subtle fields control your emotions. Your emotions control your thinking. Your thinking controls your physiology. Your physiology controls your existence.

Spirit of Love is a tool that lets you shift your mood easily and effortlessly.

These complex formulas contain up to 30 flower essences, essential oils, gem elixirs, and alchemically activated gems that saturate energy fields.

Each infusion is prepared using a time-intensive process, combined the ingredients in a unique fashion.

And each bottle is prepared individually and harmonized with the use of alchemically activated gems.

Only after each formula has been thoroughly evaluated by a panel of intuitives on three continents and by extensive testing on a variety of subjects is it considered ready for you.

Directions for Use

Spray above your head, to infuse your personal energy field.

Also spray throughout your air space to alter the energy of your environment.

Recommended Use

Assists you in connecting with your spiritual heart through a loving physical presence.

Improve your body-related self esteem, alleviate relationship fears, and help resolve conflict.

Integrate gentleness, sensuality, and the aliveness of your heart.

Learn about self-love and connection with your own beauty and uniqueness.

It will help Business and Storeowners attract more customers. It will help you deal with Funerals when you need more compassion. It works for severely learning disabled individuals and socially insecure people.


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