High Purification ORMUS

Strengthen Your Light Body
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  • Special ORMUS for Detoxification and Purification
  • Eliminate Disease-causing Microorganisms (Fungi, Yeast and Other Parasites)
  • Eliminate Pain from Parasitic Infections

Strengthen Your Light Body


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Strengthen Your Light BodyStrengthen Your Light Body


ORUMS Oils, High Purification ORMUS High Purification ORMUS Oil strengthens your light body, which in turn supports your physical body and helps to strengthen your immune system, while the essential oils start to work on eliminating the microorganisms.

Physical Benefits:
Eliminate microorganisms, decrease pain and other symptoms associated with chronic Lyme disease and other parasitic and microorganism infections.

Spiritual Benefits:
Strengthen your light body, integrate the right & left brain hemispheres, increase psychic intuitiveness and raise your consciousness.

Microorganisms are thought to be responsible for many diseases that people endure. The latest theory is that fungus may be the cause of some cancers or perhaps that cancer itself is a fungus. Candida overgrowth can lead to metabolic imbalances. These and other parasites are blamed for many conditions that often go unnoticed or are difficult to treat.

High Purification ORMUS

ORMUS-infused olive oil with seven different antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-parasitic essential oils, including oil of oregano, tea tree oil, and rosemary.

Directions for Use

Apply High Purification ORMUS Oil to skin lesions, achy joints and muscles, and to areas where the blood vessels are close to the skin, such as the inner wrist. Please note that you may experience detox reactions as the microorganisms die off.

Recommended Use

Eliminate disease-causing microorganisms and Pain from parasitic infections Increase psychic intuitiveness and strengthen your light body.

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