Sea Relief Lotion

Helps Reduce Inflammation and Pain
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  • Topical Anti-inflammatory, Ideal for Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Improve Restful Sleep and Overall Well-being
  • Encourages Tissue Regeneration

Helps Reduce Inflammation and Pain


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EssenceSea Sea Relief LotionEssenceSea Sea Relief Lotion


magnesium bicarbonate Sea Relief Lotion helps reduce inflammation and pain. May improve restful sleep and overall well being. Encourages tissue regeneration.

You may feel almost immediate pain relief from both over-exertion (acute) and chronic inflammation. Encourages tissue regeneration too.

Magnesium is the anti-inflammatory agent and it’s absorbed in the most efficient manner. Through your skin that is your body’s largest organ. Because this method bypasses your digestive system, you will have NO digestive upset that easily occurs with oral magnesium.

Topical absorption of magnesium is unparalleled to rapidly restore cellular magnesium levels. The active ingredients go directly into your bloodstream and cells, where they’re needed most.

What to Expect from Sea Relief Lotion…

  • Helps reduce muscle aches, pains, cramping and spasms
  • Natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic
  • May speed recovery from minor muscle sprains and strains
  • Helps increase flexibility and suppleness of muscles and soft tissues
  • May increase energy and athletic performance
  • Helps increase circulation and oxygenation
  • Aids cellular detox and replenishes vital cellular fluid
  • Supports calcium assimilation to strength bones
  • May reduce the effects of physical and mental stress
  • Helps relax and balances the nervous system
  • May improve quality of sleep, moods and stress management
  • Excellent for oral health (gums, teeth), inflamed gums too
  • Helps form hard tooth enamel to resist decay
  • May reduce outbreaks of inflamed red skin
  • Ideal for children and others with sensitive systems.

Whole Body, Enhanced Therapeutic Effects

Add to a hot bath for relaxation, induce restful sleep and feel an increased sense of well-being. The combination of heat and magnesium chloride increases circulation and detoxification, while drawing inflammation out of your muscles and joints.

Magnesium Promotes Good Muscle Health

As much as 25% of your magnesium is found in muscles. During vigorous exercise, vital minerals are lost through perspiration, the most important being magnesium. Restoring adequate levels of magnesium fights fatigue, heat exhaustion, and helps blood sugar control and metabolism. Athletic endurance and strength performance are enhanced when a large amount of magnesium is supplemented topically and/or orally.


Draws out impurities through the pores of your skin – strong excretory effect on toxic metals (including aluminum, mercury lead) that accumulate in the tissues of your body.

Magnesium is a vital trace element and is essential to the correct functioning of your body, but it’s often the most deficient mineral in the body. Insufficient levels of magnesium may contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure and sugar, breathing difficulties, bone loss and other disorders, as it is involved in supporting the health of nearly every cell in your body.

Calcification Removal

Topical magnesium helps increase flexibility, strength and endurance by removing accumulated calcium deposits from your tissues. This will restore optimum balance between calcium and magnesium, and your cellular pH.

Calcium deposits…

  • In your joints = pain and loss of mobility
  • In your blood vessels = hardening of the arteries
  • In your heart = heart disease
  • In your brain = senility.

Almost all of the soft tissues in your body are subject to calcification, including your glands. This can cause many serious degenerative diseases.

Created with Volixer Technology, that creates biologically preferred molecular structures of water-chelated minerals and nutrients. This increases your nutrient absorption for fast results for de-calcification of soft tissues.

Good Hydration is Crucial for DeCalcification

Once the accumulated calcium starts being expelled from your body, good hydration is essential to accelerate and complete elimination, replacing it with important trace minerals.

What Depletes Your Magnesium?

Our modern lifestyle stresses (emotional and environmental) deplete magnesium reserves far more rapidly than was previously realized.

The following is a list of magnesium depletors – the more dominant they are in your life, the more magnesium you need to supplement.

Alcohol High sodium diet
Pain killers Low thyroid
Coffee Medical drugs (wide range)
Cola-type sodas Mental stress
Diuretics Physical stress
High calcium diet Sugar
High carbohydrate diet Tobacco
High perspiration Environment (air, soil, water)

Aluminum (in food & drink containers, baking powder, antiperspirants) blocks many normal magnesium functions.

Unfortunately, a staple of our society’s diet is white flour, and 85% of its magnesium has been removed.

One teaspoon of Sea Relief Lotion contains a high concentration of about 525 mg of Magnesium.

90% concentration of natural ocean magnesium chloride.
SEA Relief Lotion combines the healing power of magnesium chloride with the organic essential oils lavender, clove ginger, rosemary, marjoram, peppermint, and wintergreen. All been selected for their vigorous therapeutic and analgesic properties.

Directions for Use

Keep refrigerated.

We recommend drinking at least 4 glasses per day (or more) of Volixer Water to stimulate removal of detox byproducts, via the kidneys. It is also highly beneficial to add Sea Relief and Sea Vitality to your supplement regimen to facilitate the restoration of your soft tissues.

Induce Relaxation
For whole body effects to induce restful sleep and overall well-being, add Sea Relief Lotion to a hot bath for an enhanced therapeutic effect. The combination of heat and magnesium chloride increases circulation and waste removal, while drawing inflammation out of the muscles and joints.

Sports Performance
Massage Sea Relief Lotion (magnesium) onto your skin to help increase flexibility and muscle tone, prevent sore/stiff muscles, reduce risk of injury and speed recovery time.

Sponge Bath to Decrease Nerve Pain Sensitivity (Fibromyalgia)
Put 1.5 teaspoons Sea Relief Lotion in a 1/4 cup warm water and apply to painful areas. Once absorbed, this will supply about 2000 mg of high-magnesium ocean minerals for your body. This will help decrease excessive pain sensitivity of nerves and melt away calcification. In cases of chronic inflammation, this should be done daily or more, for several months, until the condition becomes less painful.

Dilute and use as a mouthwash – excellent for oral health (gums, teeth) and red inflammation relief. It is magnesium, not calcium that helps form hard tooth enamel resistant to decay.

Recommended Use

Helps reduce inflammation and pain. May improve restful sleep and overall well being. Encourages tissue regeneration.

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