Genetic Detox
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  • May Defend Against Mutated Cell Growth
  • Detoxify from Heavy Metals
  • Helps Optimal Cell Functions
  • Supports Formation of New Blood Vessels

Genetic Detox

Original price was: $89.00.Current price is: $69.99.

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Mitopinol  helps protect you from aging and disease.

Detoxify for Overall Good Health

Ellagic Acid and Ant Extract: Genetic Protection

It takes an estimated 6 to 7 mutations before a cell causes serious disease and your body has 3 defenses against this.

  1. Stop mutated cells from replicating (cell arrest).
  2. Repair certain mutations.
  3. Kill cells that are beyond repair.

Elephants and ants are exceptional at these.

Elephants have an abundance of TP53 gene copies (more than us) and this enables all three functions. Ants make a powerful DNA repair ingredient called Irododial (we do not). Ellagic acid and ant extract may serve the same purpose.

EDTA: Intercellular Housekeeping

Cells are very particular about the fluid they live in, and the heavy metals that we’re all regularly exposed to can easily create an environment that’s not suitable for cellular health and proper functions. EDTA helps your body detoxify from these heavy metals.

Hyaluronic Acid: Healthy Connective Tissue

Taking additional Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and HAase inhibitors, enhances connective tissue health. May provide protection from aging. From things like wrinkles, sagging skin, joint pain and stiffness and general loss of function in every organ and body process.

Due to the high level of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in their systems, the naked mole rat is immune to many of the painful health problems we humans have. They make more HA than we do, and they do NOT make as much of the enzyme (HAase) that breaks down HA (like we do).

Angiogenesis: Formation of New Blood Cells

This process involves the health of endothelial cells (interior lining of blood and lymphatic vessels), and will deny blood supply to abnormal cells.

Autopsies on average people who have died in car crashes have shown nearly half of men and women over 40 have abnormal cell growths in breasts and prostates. This means they all had:

  1. Toxicity to create the abnormal cells and/or
  2. Immune system failure destroy the abnormal cells.

Managing angiogenesis is an important part of staying healthy as we age.

Proprietary blend of ellagitannins, ant extract, hyaluronic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, phyllanthus emblica extract, curcumin, cat’s claw and tri-calcium phosphate

Directions for Use

Take 1 teaspoon daily, preferably in 2 doses: 1/2 teaspoon morning and evening.

For full effect, Mitopinol should be taken for at least one year – please call us for a special 12 month subscription rate.

Recommended Use

Helps protect from effects of aging (wrinkles, sagging skin, joint pain and stiffness and general loss of function in every organ and body process). Supports normal functions by restoring or killing damaged, mutated cells.

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