Laminar Crystal Energy Devices


by Life Enthusiast Staff

Laminar Crystal Energy Devices

Energized Water, Inside and Out...

Now at your reach, thanks to rediscovered ancient technology.

Laminar Crystals...
Improve the Hydrating Ability and Taste, of Foods and Liquids
Relieve Energy Blockages, Congestion and Pain

Stop and think about the energetic qualities of the food you eat and the water you drink. This is critically important for your cellular function, affecting every biological process in your body.

Water represents so much more than something to quench your thirst or wash your body. Good water is critically important to your well-being.

The story of laminar crystals starts in the 1960s, with several ancient artifacts being discovered in a cave, and later finding their way into the hands of Jim Carter, founder of Twilight America and inventor of the Star Chamber Spa and Factory. The artifacts have an amazing ability to improve the taste of liquids in which they are submerged, and to relieve energy blockages, congestion and pain.

Jim Carter spent over 25 years experimenting with materials found in nature, in his quest to reverse-engineer the ancient technology. His discovery ended a long series of dead-end experiments: natural mica crystals effectively duplicate the power and potency of the ancient artifacts. Jim began creating his experimental products in tiles, bowls and plates. He started calling the crystals "Laminar Crystals" because of their layered structure.

Jim Carter's great challenge in creating practical products was the difficulty in mixing the Laminar Crystals with potter's clay, so that his creations would not collapse before they dried. In the end he settled on making Crystal Pearls and Crystal Cupcakes: very simple shapes that could be successfully fired in a kiln. The firing (heating to a high temperature for a specific length of time) is a necessary component in the energetic activation of these crystals.

Fast forward several years: Brian and David Savedra, identical twins who spent many years researching subtle energies and energetic medicine, were introduced to Twilight America products and fell in love with the idea of restoring vitality to fluids (food, water, essential oils & skin care). Brian and David possess the right combination of patience and curiosity, and kept working for several years to develop a workable method of building ceramic objects, that deliver on the Laminar Crystal's promise - energized water, the water of life, the dew that restores vitality to all living things created in practical everyday objects.

Joseph Crane: MichaelThe Magic Star

The shape of our Magic Star was inspired by Joe Crane's 2002 painting of Michael (left). In this painting, Michael's right hand holds a Star Octahedron. It's the shape of two four-sided pyramids, merged together, and made from special clay with high content of Laminar Crystal.

The Magic Star, Circle and Marble Pendants will energize the water in your body, removing distortions brought on by toxins and environmental stress. If you consider that your body is over 60% water, clearing out these distortions is an important aspect of your personal care. Maintaining high levels of energized water in your body will improve your cellular functioning, and prevent the accumulating effects of stress. Expect to alleviate stress related headaches, improve circulation, get better sleep, and enjoy more energy to live.

These devices create energized, thin and crisp tasting water, in just a few minutes. The water tastes sweeter, and feels round and smooth in your mouth. Expect bubbles to start forming in your water after just 10 minutes, indicating that this water has become highly energized. Use glass or glazed ceramic vessels to process your water.

Magic Star energy devices will make your ordinary water taste much better, but they are not water purification devices. We recommend that you drink filtered (and while fasting or detoxifying, distilled) water from the best source you can find.

We all know the effects of drinking badly structured, common tap water - dry papery skin, wrinkles, dandruff. And that's just on the outside. Your inside is suffering in similar ways. You need to hydrate your body by drinking structured, energized water. If you drink ordinary water, you body has to expend large amounts of energy to structure the liquid to be used in cellular fluids.

Magic Star will Energize your water, or your Money Back, Guaranteed.

Dave Savedra, maker of Magic Stars Shares his connection to the Laminar Crystals

In 2005 Joe Crane called to ask me a question regarding my acquaintance with Jim Carter, the man who popularized the Laminar Crystal and its use in water-altering products. Joe asked, “You know the man that makes the Laminar Clay?” I said yes we had spoken a number of times and I could get in touch with him. Joe then asked if I would find out how to make the clay. I told him he doesn't really give that info out but if you are asking me to find out how there is an angelic reason. He said yes there is. So I called and during my conversation with Jim I asked for the way to make the clay. He gave it to me and said he did not know why he was sharing this with me, he does not give that out to many people. We finished our chat and I called Joe back to inform him of what I had learned.

I wanted to create a Laminar Crystal device in the shape of the Star Octahedron that is in the painting of Michael that Joe painted in 2002. I felt that it would really enhance the power of the clay. We (my brother Brian and Joe) were correct, it does.

Joe also made a water diamond that instigated a visit with the angel Michael when we learned that the shape of the diamond would shorten the charging time from a whole day to just a few minutes. We also learned that the shape would make “dew”. Dew is the pure form of water that condenses on cold surfaces early in the morning. It is water naturally distilled at room temperature, free of all previous memories otherwise stored in water.

After making the Star Octahedron we experimented and found that the Star enhanced the Laminar Crystal within. People wearing the crystal pieces have reported that just holding this Laminar technology is calming, centering, and clearing the mind.

Laminar Crystal Stars and Pendants can aid you on your path to healing or to enlightenment. They will last a lifetime and will not diminish.

Laminar Crystal Energy Devices... For Life!

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