Functional Medicine

Vagus Nerve In Your Body

The vagus acts as a bio-informational data bus that routes impulses going in two directions. Read More

Functional Medicine Sessions are ON right now

Functional Medicine Sessions are ON right now Read More

The Keys to Vitality

The fundamental problem with modern medicine is its complete ignorance of how nutrition affects health or disease Read More


The discovery of epigenetics hidden influences upon the genes could affect every aspect of our lives. Read More

Eliminate the Causes

In the spirit of eliminating the causes of our health problem so that we dont have to deal with the symptoms for good rather than for a day or so. Read More

Disease is Dis-”Ease”

I think of disease as the opposite of ease. Dis-ease is almost always the consequence of cellular terrain problems. Read More

Cause of Disease or Poor Performance

From your earliest days you are taught to behave in ways that will haunt you later. Read More

Back to Basics

I am finding that it is the fundamentals of good health that will let us live the life-style we want. Read More

Understanding Disease Part 2

We now have some basics from which to draw conclusions. Statements are made followed by comments. Read More

Understanding Disease Part 1

Old ideas die-hard. Great thinkers have, from time to time, come up with “the” unified theory of disease. Read More

Treating Disease: By Symptoms or Cause

Modern western medicine bases its practice on the idea that sickness comes from germs outside of the body (monomorphic theory). Read More


We all have different capacities for detoxification that determine our risk and susceptibility to disease from exposure to toxins. Read More

The Main Causes of Disease

It starts with well meaning doctors injecting you with toxic vaccinations, good relatives using sweets-as-rewards Read More

The 24-Seven Health Plan

Following this regimen will help to not only maintain, but also to detoxify, replenish, repair and rebuild your body. Read More

Body System Breakdowns

Basically all body system breakdowns are caused by either genetics, our toxic and nutrient depleted food our toxic environment… Read More

Significant Lifestyle Problems

We may feel that everyone else has a perfect stress free life and we alone are frazzled beyond hope! Read More


We should obtain most of our antioxidants from food – namely high-nutrient SuperFoods. We need to view antioxidants as a team, not individually. Read More

Orthomolecular Supplements Part 3

A large number of special diets ranging from fasting (water only) to juice fasts to low fat and sugar free diets are used. Read More

Orthomolecular Supplements Part 2

Patients have lived for a long time with slowly growing tumors. We agreed to publish as coauthors. Read More

Orthomolecular Supplements Part 1

The program was designed to assist the body in controlling the cancer and was not a direct assault on the tumor. Read More

Orthomolecular Medicine Revisited

Orthomolecular treatment of clinical conditions amounts to only a small percentage of total medical care rendered in North America. Read More

Natural Medicine for the Times

People who self-medicate without guidance can sometimes do more harm than good. Read More

Natural Healing vs. Symptom Suppression Part2

It is normal for the body to generate an immune response when challenged by foreign matter such as microbes and allergens. Read More

Natural Healing vs. Symptom Suppression Part1

Even if your body is functioning well you have to make sure that your batteries are charged. Read More


When you eat nutrient poor foods your body will keep asking you for more food in its attempt to supply necessary nutrients. Read More

Live Blood Analysis

Under the Phase Contrast Dark Field Microscope we can see the shape and spacing of erythrocytes (blood cells). Read More

Alternative Medicine to the Rescue

Millions of people taking care of their health in very different ways from mainstream practices. This is known as alternative medication Read More

Keeping Your Home Healthy

Our houses are full of irritants that can be absorbed through the lungs, skin, eyes and digestive tract. Read More

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses care of the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. Read More

Holistic Approach

This is a time of synthesis – not division, fragmentation, isolation, dissection. Read More

Health Statistics

500 man-made chemicals found in a single cell of a ‘healthy’ 30-year old living in Britain today. Read More

Ghost in Your Genes

The scientists who believe your genes are shaped in part by your ancestors’ life experiences Read More

Gerson Therapy Part 4

If it can be restored entirely, after say 1 years, we tell the patients only to avoid fats and salt. Read More

Gerson Therapy Part 3

The most important first step is the detoxification. So let us go into that. First, we gave some different enemas. Read More

Gerson Therapy Part 2

According to Gerson you need high potassium and low sodium, the same ratio which can be found in fresh live foods. Read More

Gerson Therapy Part 1

The Gerson Therapy is a book that can put a stop to this travesty. Read More

Functional Medicine Definitions

The basic biochemical processes of our bodies are unique and do not belong to any one medical specialty or disease category. Read More

Functional and Orthomolecular Medicine

Functional and Orthomolecular medicine focus on managing the cellular terrain to create health. Read More

Energetic Medicine

The theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine is the concept of energy transformations. Read More

Elements of Health

A collection of brilliant books and tapes from reknown health experts. Read More

Chronic Disease

Vitalism is the underlying idea of Eclectic, Homeopathic, Naturopathic, Oriental and Chiropractic approaches to health and healing Read More

Cell Psychology and Beyond

When cells join together to form multicellular “communities,” it required that the cells establish a complex social intercourse. Read More

Biological Individuality

It has often been said (and now can be objectively clinically verified using NUTRI-SPEC) that no two people are alike. Read More

Alternative Healers Speak

I have used part of the protocol for cancer volunteers, but not in by itself nor when I could not get the true ingredients. Read More

Bacillus Subtilis Story

Bacillus subtilis remains one of the most potent and beneficial of all health-promoting and immune-stimulating bacteria Read More