Brain and Memory

Exsula Superfoods for Longevity

These superfood blends work better than most because of the uncompromised quality of ingredients… Read More

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Symptoms include having trouble paying attention in school and difficulty in controlling hyperactive behavior… Read More

Amino Acids Improve Memory

How many people have gotten home after a blindingly stressful day and realize that they’ve forgotten some important event or errand? Read More

Phosphatidyl Serine for Dementia

The link between old age and forgetfulness is close enough to be the subject of greeting cards, sitcoms and jokes… Read More

Memory Study and Blueberries

Study shows that an antioxidant-rich, blueberry-supplemented diet may stop brain aging in rats… Read More

Alzheimers Disease

Progressive, fatal illness causes areas of the brain to shrink, staring with small cognitive deficits, advancing to major personality changes… Read More

Autism Solutions

Eliminate toxins anywhere possible: air, water, food, dishes and pots, clothing, furniture, cars, offices… Read More

Autism in Minority Children

Studies show that white kids may be diagnosed with autism as much as a year and a half earlier than black and other minority children… Read More

Zeolite for Autism

There is a level of toxicity involved in their conditions for which more physical methods of treatment were required… Read More

Learning Disabilities Breakthrough

Neural Organizational Technique is a combination of Acupressure, Applied Kinesiology and Craniosacral Therapy… Read More

Autism Linked to EFA Deficiency

Parents reported EFA supplements given to their children produced better sleeping patterns, cognition, eye contact and sociability… Read More

Autism from Vaccination

Mainstream medicine tries to convince parents that their children were born with autism, so they don’t investigate the possibility that their vaccine programs might be the real culprits… Read More