Minerals: Major

Exsula Superfoods Renaissance Formulas

The result of 36 years observing, questing and developing Energized Water from Exsula Superfood blend originator Dr. Jevari Oberon… Read More

Probiotics, Enzymes and Minerals

Balance your gut flora, ease digestive troubles, reduce pain from inflammation and remineralize… Read More

Miracle Mineral Solution: Sodium Chlorite

Superior antimicrobial activity for 75,000 people with malaria that were treated and cured within a day, and 98% were cured within 4 hours… Read More

What Is The Best Multi Mineral Supplement?

The right balance of minerals is needed for proper composition of your body fluids, the formation of your blood, your bones, for healthy nerve function and to support the function of enzymes and coenzymes Read More

Magnesium and Iodine Deficiency

Impossible to get enough of both through food, supplementation is essential for regaining and maintaining good health… Read More

Symptoms of Mineral Deficiencies

List of essential minerals describes each mineral and lists some symptoms of deficiency, along with possible links to diseases that have been associated with mineral deficiency. Read More

Water Chelated Minerals

The mineral profile on interior land is sufficiently different from that of coastal land, and the nutritional value of produce was decreased. (An exception to this would be in the incidences of societies living near volcanic eruptions.) Read More

Unique Mineral Extraction Process

The benefits of carbon-bond organically microcomplexed minerals and trace elements found in products using intraCELL V Technology Read More


Sodium is essential but too much is not good, and creates a vast amount of health problems… Read More

Ionic Minerals Can Restore Body Functions

Powerful energy that can energize your body and destroy bad bacteria… Read More

Potassium in Apple Cider Vinergar

With honey, apple cider vinegar is a persistent fighter against germs and toxins… Read More


The body’s second most abundant mineral, it is widely essential to virtually every process in the body… Read More