Detox and Clean Your Water

What makes our planet so unique compared to other planets in the universe? What makes life on Earth possible? It is the WATER that covers approximately 70% of the surface of our planet. Roughly 70% of our bodies are made up of water. The human brain is 95% water, our blood is over 80% water. Water gives life; it nourishes plants, hydrates animals, helps us make electric power, provides a home for fish and other species, and is necessary for everyday things we take for granted flushing the toilet, washing our hair or dishes, swimming, watering our gardens, cooking our food, etc. It is not just a transparent liquid, not just a group of H2O molecules, not just something we make our morning coffee with.

Just like gas for cars, water is fuel for all living things. It is a life source; it creates streams, rivers, lakes, oceans, and rain that nourish the earth and everything on it. It can be found all around us in liquid, solid, and gaseous states. It creates snow in the winter for us to ski on, ice cubes for our drinks, and puddles for children to dance in. Yet we still don’t realize how important this liquid is for us; we contaminate it, we waste it. We don’t really appreciate the fact that it is available to us. In our modern homes, we can just go to the bathroom or kitchen and turn the faucet on to drink, while there are people on this planet who don’t have access to clean drinking water; there are many who suffer from water shortage and diseases spread through contaminated water.

And yet we are mad when it’s raining outside and we have to stay indoors or put on extra gear, but we overlook the amazing water circulation process nature created for herself to water her greens and moisturize her soil. When you think about it, its pretty amazing. It is not necessary to stress the importance of hydration. We have to stay well hydrated in order to be healthy and alive, and it is very important to drink the best water we possibly can. Even a 2% drop in our body’s stored water weight can cause signs of dehydration. This whole episode of Life Enthusiast podcast is dedicated to an excellent interview with Owen Mullen, founder of the company Biotite and creator of the Biotite Concentrate Liquid Crystal Minerals<, which could be the answer to the majority of water issues we have today.

Simply put, this product works like a liquid water filter that purifies water even heavily contaminated, industrial water and restores its original purity. The science behind this product is much more complicated, but Martin, Scott, and Owen explain all the details in a very approachable way. This product has great potential to make a massive change in the whole worlds water issues especially pollution and lack of drinking water in certain areas. No matter how polluted the water is, Biotite Liquid Crystals kill all the bad bacteria, remove chlorine, heavy metals, and even fluoride, which is often times difficult to get rid of. All this happens naturally, without chemicals. What we get is perfectly clean, energized water that is in its pure, natural, hydrating state and allows maximum moisture absorption into the cells of all living things.

Biotite Liquid Crystal Minerals are produced from crystalline biotite, also known as black mica, and are natures way to clean up the mess we've made, which is further evidence that nature is, was, and always will be smarter than us, even though we might think otherwise. We take care of our bodies every day. We brush our teeth, comb our hair, moisturize our skin to protect it from our harsh environment, and we put on clothes to keep us warm or cool as needed. We wash our hands as well as our homes and cars. We are taught from our youth that things will last us much longer if we take good care of them. So we protect our belongings, especially the ones we value the most or the ones we worked so hard for.

The planet we live on deserves the same care, attention, and respect. It is not able to take care of itself and it is constantly hurt by our actions. Sometimes we don't even realize how bad are we hurting it. The water humans contaminate and waste is crucial not just for other humans, but for the whole population of the earth fauna and flora. And since water makes up the most of this whole world we live in, we should constantly have in mind that how we treat it will have an impact on how it treats us in return. We have to cherish the Earth, value it, and take care of it. We have no other place to live than this very planet. Be sure to listen to this podcast episode to learn more about how precious water is and how we can take the best care of it!

Author: Nina