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Magnesium for Youth and Health

Not having enough has been associated with migraines, hypertension, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, osteoporosis and panic attacks… Read More

MegaHydrate: Dramatic Breakthroughs

Many people are experiencing the benefits of true hydration, natural pain relief and more energy… Read More

Megahydrate Details

Benefits of the antioxidant effects may include improved stamina, memory, hearing, vision, and more youthful appearance… Read More

MegaHydrate and Your Health

Scientific studies show improved nutrient absorption, energy and free radical scavenging… Read More

Glutathione Science

A key substance found in every cell in our body, and may be thought of as a naturally occurring universal drug, without adverse side effects… Read More


Wild blueberries are rich in anthocyanin, linked to many health benefits including reducing eyestrain and improving night vision… Read More

The Star Chamber

The “Fountain of Youth” first and then follow this with the appropriate additions on a daily basis to support rapid regeneration. When you restore the vital magnesium of the body you make regeneration possible. Read More

Twilight America: Finding the Fountain of Youth

The ancient magic stones were very similar to concrete, only much stronger. Scattered in the “concrete matrix” were shiny laminar crystals. Read More

AFA Benefits: Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

E3Live AFA has a unique energy that has an affinity to improving brain function. We now have clinical research showing AFA balances EEG readings and improves central nervous system functioning… Read More

AFA Algae Reviews: Older Folks

Elders prove that age is only a number. Many have been taking it like clockwork and now would not feel comfortable without their daily dose… Read More

Algae Targets Nutritional Deficiencies

Nature’s most basic food, existing at the beginning of the food chain, it provides perfect nutrition and contains more protein than other whole foods… Read More

Liver Cleanse to Rebuild

Detoxify your liver to help slow aging. If your liver is clogged with toxins you’ll feel tired and miserable. A healthy liver gives you lots of energy… Read More