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Magnesium: Intravenous and Transdermal

Minimal side effects in usual therapeutic doses with a large therapeutic index… Read More

Magnesium Helps Osteoporosis

A large American study showed that increasing magnesium intake could increase bone density in the elderly, reducing risk of osteoporosis… Read More

Magnesium in Acute and Chronic Diseases

Perfect for external wound treatment, powerful immune stimulant, and very good therapeutics effects for various ailments… Read More

Centella Gotu Kola

Centella Gotu Kola is great in helping and treating many problems and conditions, especially energy issues… Read More


Benefits include antioxidant and anticancer properties, protection from macular degeneration and good for your joints… Read More

Pau D’Arco

Highly valued for it’s ability to detoxify the body, particularly, the liver, kidneys and the intestinal tract… Read More

Prescription Pain Relief Warning

Long-term use can lead to many complications, and can actually exacerbate the symptoms… Read More

Pain Relief Drugs Don’t Heal – They Harm

Diets rich in processed foods and rancid fats is the biggest contributor to painful inflammation… Read More

Pain Mitigation and Tissue Repair

Begins with detoxifying the over-calcification of soft tissues, while remineralizing… Read More

Who Owns Your Joints

There are 600 million knees in the U.S. and most of them have outlived their warranty… Read More

Silica for Arthritis: LeRibault’s Resistance

Story of the creation of an arthritis treatment, and the persecution of its author, Loic Le Ribault, France’s foremost forensic scientist… Read More

Silent Inflammation

Supplements and diet changes can eliminate the root causes of inflammation, reducing risk of major chronic diseases.. Read More