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Podcast 398: Dangers of 5G and other EMFs

With Martin Pytela. The most common symptoms of EMF exposure are headaches, mood swings and skin itching/burning. Longer term exposure can develop into serious and chronic degenerative conditions… Read More

Blushield EMF Protection Devices

People report increased energy, better sleep, less stress, aches and pain. Plus an overall better sense of well being… Read More

EMFs Effects on Seeds

Proven by ninth graders looking at seed sprouted near cell phones, and some sprouted away from cell phones… Read More

Cellphone Radiation Warnings

There are many reasons and ways to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields that are hazardous to your health… Read More

Sleep Basics

Natural periodic state of rest for both body and mind, to build immunity, reduce stress and improve your moods… Read More

Podcast 279: Electromagnetic Frequencies Make You Sick

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) come from anything electric (cell phones, computers, wi-fi, radio waves)… Read More