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Magnesium and Blood Clots

Shown to help reduce mortality in thrombolysis-ineligible patients with acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)… Read More

Cayenne, Capsicum, Paprika

All are rich in carotenoids, important red pigments that are extremely effective anti-oxidants… Read More

Dark Chocolate for Heart Health

It increases blood flow and better blood flow is good for your heart and circulation… Read More

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berries help protect against heart disease, and help control high blood pressure and high cholesterol… Read More

Systemic Enzymes and Disappearing Spider Veins

Systemic Enzymes eat scar tissue, safely and painlessly. Read more to learn that spider veins are not incurable… Read More

Magnesium and Your Heart

Without adequate levels of magnesium, your heart will suffer and so will your overall well being… Read More

Book: Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks

This book documents one of the most significant medical breakthroughs ever made in human health… Read More

Prescription Drug Slaves

Mainstream medicine and pharmaceutical companies are always inventing new ways of forcing people into unending programs of prescription drugs… Read More

Calcium Channel Blockers Side Effects

Topical magnesium can be used to block the effect of excess calcium in a natural way… Read More

Blood Pressure Drugs Side Effects

Here are some of the side effects of prescription blood pressure lowering medications… Read More

Heart, Circulation and Nattokinase

Nattokinase is a systemic enzyme that has the ability to dissolve artery-clogging fibrin… Read More

High Blood Pressure

Some major factors that can raise blood pressure are smoking, poor diet, genetics and more… Read More