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Podcast 473: Watch Your Water

Research shows toxins infiltrate our water, affecting organs including the kidneys, bowels, brain, heart, ovaries and testes… Read More

Podcast 443: Oregano Oil

With Ms. Judy Gray. Oregano oil is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens immune function, fights aging, antifungal, antiviral & anti-inflammatory – excellent for colds & flus… Read More


Rich in Vitamin C, flavonoids and rutin, all known to improve immune function. Juice and flower tea as a cold remedy… Read More

Vaccinations Caused Spanish Flu Epidemic

All who lived through the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic say it was the most terrible disease the world has ever seen… Read More

Influenza: Is It Dangerous?

The raw all-ages stats are low enough. Quite low enough. Quite, quite… Read More

Natural Influenza Protocol: Magnesium and Vitamin C

Government is considering spending billions to buy the influenza drug Tamiflu… Read More

Influenza Prevention and Treatment

Doctors eagerly prescribe expensive patented drugs, while low-cost nutrients remain overlooked… Read More

Flu Season Politics

Humanity is doomed to experience an epidemic of suffering and pain that no virus can compete with… Read More

Fighting Viruses and Winning

Proteolytic enzymes are your first line of defense against a virus, inflammation and fibrosis… Read More

Flu Crimes at the CDC (2018)

Are you ready for your yearly dose of flu propaganda hype? We’d like to remind you that your immune system can be prepared for it… Read More

Podcast 256: Flu Season and Immune Enhancers

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Powerful tools to kill viruses and strengthen your immune system… Read More

Podcast 134: Flu Epidemic 2009

With Greg Gerrie. What’s the best way to handle a viral infection? Is there a flu epidemic? How vaccines work… Read More