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Podcast 464: Cholephage

With Spencer Feldman from Remedy Link. When Ox bile is consumed, it enters the bloodstream to support the body with the break down and elimination of unwanted fats and cholesterol. After riding the body of rancid fats, we need to replace them with healthy fats our body can actually utilize… Read More

Podcast 446: Karma Cleanse

With Phil Thomas. Karma Cleanse is an herbal tonic that supports your body’s natural detox mechanism. Cleanses the liver, blood, kidneys, lungs, pancreas and more… Read More

Podcast 445: Detoxification with North American Herb & Spice

With Steven Harkins. Total Body Purge detoxifies heavy metals, parasites, glyphosate and more… Read More

Podcast 366: CastorPatch

With Spencer Feldman. Topical anti-inflammatory therapy to reduce pain and detoxify tissues too… Read More


A classic remedy for inflammations of the mouth, throat and tonsils by soothing the mucous membranes… Read More

Milk Thistle

Promoted as a dietary supplement for hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice, diabetes, indigestion and other conditions… Read More


Research has shown it to have effects on the endocrine system (hormones), liver and other organs… Read More

Devils Claw

Effective treating pain from inflammation. Aids liver and gallbladder complaints… Read More


Dandelion leaf is a very powerful diuretic. The root is used in inflammation and congestion of liver and gallbladder… Read More

Blessed Thistle

Aids digestion and liver functions, antimicrobial, uplifting to moods and helps increase breast milk… Read More

Dr. Miller Products

Made with sound, natural healing principles to clean your whole body from the inside… Read More

Glutamine: Amino Acid for Body Repairs

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the body, helps make proteins and necessary to make other amino acids and glucose… Read More