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Used for depression, fatigue, enhancing energy, memory, intellectual capacity and stimulating the nervous system… Read More

Best Life Ever

With Taylor Wells, mother of five, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, writer, founder and owner of Prana Power Yoga studios, knows everything about building the life you want and deserve to live and she is ready to teach you all her secrets via her book Create the Best Life Ever. Read More

Love in Healing and Medicine

Unconditional love is your immune system’s most powerful stimulant. It’s cost effective medicine… Read More

Toxins and Mental Health

Your brain consumes 80% of the energy you produce, so it follows that it needs targeted nutrients… Read More

Power of Will

We can achieve anything we put our mind to, we just need to adjust our mindset and cultivate our habits… Read More

Book: Magical Child

It has been observed that in nurturing families, children with larger than normal frontal lobes are being born… Read More

Podcast 350: Emotional Freedom Techniques

With Joan Kaylor. Learn how EFT supports your mind/body connection, and the positive impact on your overall health… Read More

Podcast 324: Mass Shootings and Drugs

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Instead of psychoactive drugs chasing symptoms, let’s build health… Read More

Podcast 302: Reduce Stress and Illnesses

With Dr. Michael J. Amendolara. Tested methods really work for reducing stress-caused health problems… Read More

Podcast 280: Toxins and Mental Health

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Look under the surface of psychiatric methods and you will find them seriously lacking… Read More

Podcast 240: Smart Minerals – Part 1

With Farrell Brenner. Your subconscious mind creates your reality by controlling emotions and behaviors… Read More

Podcast 233: Numerology and Biorhythms

With Lance Shaler. Consider the subtle side of our existence, and the patterns we follow and express… Read More