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Pure Water and Pure Consciousness

Most of us are not familiar with the dynamics of our own consciousness nor do we bother to train ourselves in meditation to perceive the pure light within for it is an intensely dynamic space that is difficult to pin down. Read More

Energized Water for Bathing

Ordinary water forms large clusters that resemble geodesic domes consisting of 168 molecules. Only a small fraction of the water we use is in small clusters of 4, 8 or 12 molecules that are permeable to the cellular wall. Read More

LE099: Tap Water is Usually Contaminated

Fluoride and Chloride contaminate tap water… AND your health! Read More

LE078: Essential Tips for Healthy Vacations

Five Tips For Staying Healthy ~ In Any Country Read More

LE059: Mountain Spring-like Water in Your Home

Change Your Water to Cleanse Your Body Read More

LE004: Optimum Health Requires Super-Hydrated Cells

Super-hydrate with Delicious Energized Water Read More

Podcast 007 about Water Treatments and EMF Protection

Harmonized or Energized or De-structured water is helping deliver nutrients and remove toxins to build health. Read More