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Catuaba wakes up the male organs, but is also highly regarded as having a similar effect for women. In addition to these physiological effects, it also seems to reawaken the sexual visualization centers in the brain, resulting in renewal of middle-of-the-night “honeymooner” amorousness. Read More


Of the long list of traditional Amazon herbs to choose from, we are most interested in a select few of these – the ones where their uses by indigenous people parallels their uses by modern people, and matches sophisticated scientific and clinical research. Read More

Elk Antler: Science and Historical Uses

Unlike horns in cattle, antlers are cast off every year. Deer or cervids such as caribou, wapiti and moose grow antlers while cattle or bovids including mountain goats, bighorn sheep, bison and pronghorn antelope possess horns. Read More

Elk Antler for Animals

From this study on over 150 animals it was concluded that velvet antler greatly improved arthritic conditions in the canine and equine patient, and accelerated soft tissue and bone healing and improved the reproductive performance in the stallion. No major side effects or toxicities were noted with the dosages used. Read More

Antler Velvet and Testosterone

Velvet antler has often been regarded as having performance enhancing effects on the human body. There is scientific evidence from a number of studies, which have revealed such effects in both animals and humans. Read More

Ecklonia Cava – Brain Function

Ecklonia Cava has demonstrated potent neuroprotective effects due to several features of its components. ECE compounds are both powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds capable of scavenging free radicals and suppressing excessive inflammatory reactions. Read More

Hormones of Happiness

Which are the good hormones and what do they do? Read More


Check out information about Testes Read More

Aging Male Syndrome

A decline in testosterone can affect a man’s body Read More


You’ll feel the difference within the first jar Read More

Hormonal Problems

The body manufactures both Estrogens and progesterone, these hormones must be in balance. Read More

Podcast 061: Health Myths – Part 1

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Debunking the biggest myths: salt, vaccines and testosterone are highlighted in this episode… Read More

Podcast 055: Aging Male Syndrome

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Discussing issues relating to aging, testosterone, sex drive, muscle and bone mass and more… Read More