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Drucker Labs intraMAX Studies

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Book: The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook

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Challenges, Goals and Happiness

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Weight Loss: We Have Big Problems

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Refined Sugar: Sweet and Deadly

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Tamarind, Citrimax and Garcinia

Tamarind, Citrimax and Garcinia seem to reduce appetite by blocking the conversion of sugary foods and starches into fats… Read More


A natural plant, not a drug, eating it raw tricks your brain into thinking you’ve eaten, and makes you feel full… Read More

Lecithin Basics

It helps optimum assimilation of enzymes, fat soluble nutrients and enzymatic pigments like carotene and chlorophyll… Read More

Dr. Miller Products

Made with sound, natural healing principles to clean your whole body from the inside… Read More

Dr. Millers Tea Before and After

Users sharing their results. Cleansing leads to weight loss that varies from person to person… Read More

Magnesium and Iodine Deficiency

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Body Types and Fat Loss

The diet that makes people healthy and slim depends on their specific body type and glandular dominance… Read More