Twilight Inventor Answers Questions

Question: If one bag of Prills is good, is two better?

Jim: It actually would make the water better, but it will make it taste different. There was a level of change with 2 oz. of Prills. It would accomplish in a gallon jar what was acceptable to the human palate. When you put 2 packets or 3 packets in, you reach a place where it tastes almost metallic. It’s kind of a tinny taste. It may be metals on the taste buds on your tongue, it may be that if you continue drinking the water for a while you will clean the taste buds and find out that it tastes really good. I don’t know, for the 1 in 10.000 people who don’t like the taste of Prill Water, I encouraged them just to wash their mouth with it 2 or 3 times a day. Wash the taste buds off and after a little while it wouldn’t be a problem any more. They weren’t supposed to taste the water, just the fact that their taste buds weren’t trained right or were contaminated or something.

Q: Will the Prill Water get rid of the heavy metals that you accumulate from the environment?

Jim: The thinner water is going to make it much easier to release a lot of toxic materials, heavy metals, pesticides and particularly proteins. Prill Water put into a humidifier will replace the moisture in the air of your home. I don’t care how humid it is outside. Your home will feel drier when you run a humidifier with the Prill Water in it. It was my intent to saturate and change the moisture in the air in the house in a form that the fungal spore didn’t like. I did that. I drove it all outside. It doesn’t grow in my house any more and I can prove that. That’s why we don’t have molds growing out on our nose or sinuses or we don’t have colds or flu. It appears that the Prill Water will accumulate and build up and become more concentrated in your home even when you are opening and closing doors.

It kind of stays with it’s self. It doesn’t like the moisture in the air outside. That was one of my pet projects because a slight haze on the horizon is known as a fungus spore, a spore of mold. It may be the last thing we get to experience. It may be the end of man. There are two kinds of mushrooms, white ones we eat and black ones that are toxic. That’s all we are talking about, mushrooms. Little, bitty ones are called fungus. All of the black ones I know of are very toxic. You don’t catch the flu, you accumulate it. When you get enough spore into your lungs when they start growing into mushrooms it causes your body to react because they off gas really funny odors that are quite toxic. Your body will react to that and that’s what you come down with and you call it the flu.

If you don’t have too much mold in your lungs you will survive it. If you do, it will bury you. Every time you have one of these events, every time you get the flu it will reduce the effectiveness of your immune system dynamically. You will simply catch it and catch it until it gets you. It happened in the 15th century. It was called the black plague because of the black mold around the people’s noses and mouths when they actually died. In 1918 to 1919 it was known as the flu, it was called the flu because of the white vapors that came out of chimneys when wood or coal fires are at low ebb. The white haze must have been on the horizon and it was blamed on the white vapors coming from the chimney flu. Cars are wonderful vehicles to accumulate it and as you go down the road you will concentrate it.

Houses are square in a round world. They have cracks. When pressure blows against your house, air goes inside and becomes neutralized and drops this spore in your home. What made me start looking at it is when we moved to Nevada, we had what was called black mold or black fungus in our swimming pool. Everyone told me there was nothing that you can do about it except tear down the swimming pool and start over. Well I started to kill it, and I couldn’t kill it. So I became very familiar with it. Using the Prill Water was the deterrent. It’s quite viable. We have a whole bunch of people who are putting Prill Water in their humidifiers. Just recently we found that Prill Water dissolves the glue that’s used in the humidifiers.

So a few modifications. Something like a pan of Prill Water just sitting on your stove, like a teakettle sitting there hot all the time sending some of this moisture in the air. I have no idea how much it takes in order to keep the mold out of your house, but any amount is a good beginning point. The glue that holds the plastic of the humidifiers together seems to be degraded by the Prill Water. We will be going around all the seams of the humidifier with silicone sealant that I know aren’t degraded by Prill Water. I think that will solve the problem. So if you go that way get some silicone sealer and do all the cracks.

The Prills were first made to clean up wastewater from nuclear power plants. Bi-Polar solutions, EDTA, were used in the cooling systems of nuclear power plants and it absorbs all kinds of things including lots of radioactive materials. So we made the Prills. Because of handling, you can’t filter this very easily, but it worked. I found this stuff in seawater just by making a mistake. They were originally made to clean complex solutions that couldn’t be cleaned, photographic solutions, toxic materials, all the metals in the EDTA solutions in the nuclear power plant were radioactive. We took it down to parts per trillion, virtually nothing. It restored the character around the solvent and Dow Chemical says if you don’t buy more solvent from us and throw this other stuff away we won’t sell you the chemicals so it didn’t go anywhere.

Q: How does it do that?

Jim: An extremely high affinity for anything unnatural. The Prill material is probably one of the primal substances created in the world. I think nature only makes 2 things, she makes common salt sodium chloride and I think she makes magnesium chloride. I have taken a gallon of water and a grain of salt and made 5 pounds of salt using this technology. The sodium chloride and magnesium chloride taken through the digestive track of animals turns into other things, like coral makes calcium from magnesium chloride.

Q: Can you take Prills and embed them in a furnace or do they need moisture?

Jim: Theoretically, you can convert the moisture in the air into Prill moisture just by running it through a stagnant pile of Prills. The first book gives a chemical break down of the Prills, the Magic Water and the Magic Oil that were being used at that time. We’re working on a second book. The first book is history.

Q: Which is better, Prill Water or Cupcake Water?

The Cupcake Water is better to drink than the Prill Water for your health. The living cells absorbs the Prill Water until the cells gets all they want. Then it will replace all the other water inside the cells and when they are full they quit absorbing and won’t overload. The water that’s made from the Cupcake will do the same thing. The Cupcake Water will also penetrate and re-moisturize the cells’ membrane, the cartilage, bone and all dense parts of the body. This liquid properly handled will be turned into this powder (Snow Crystal) or anything in between. It can be as thin as optical alcohol or as solid as sand.

Q: Would you put the cupcake in a gallon jar?

Jim: Put the Cupcake in a gallon glass jar, rinse it first – 2 to 3 times. Make sure to rinse it well because it is cast in ceramics, and ceramics have some alkalies that are water-soluble. Just let the water run into it under the faucet or throw it in a dishwasher.

Q: Does Prill Water get more potent if it sits more than 1 hour?

Jim: Yes. [Actually, after some time it starts tasting quite metallic. I drank 21 day strong Prill water, and it gave me a noticeable energy boost. It did not taste great. ~Martin]

Q: What’s the time frame on the Cupcake?

Jim: Put the Cupcake in a gallon of water and let it set for a day (24 hrs.) and then you can pour off half of it and then fill it back up and about 12 hours later you can do it again. You can do that twice a day. It doesn’t work as fast as the Prills because of its smaller surface area. It’s doing a lot more to the water.

Q: Could you talk about that?

Jim: Here’s the deal, you start off with a substance 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen and call it the water molecule. Let’s just say they are little round balls that are held in place with an electrical charge, positive and negative electricity. If you take this molecule and put it in the presence of the Prills, the energy that is coming from the Prills will replace the electricity in the water molecule. We used to call this Life Force. We trade named it Yinergy. Emotionally we know it as love, it is the force that makes life in the universe possible. It is the dominant force. It will replace everything else if it has a chance over time.

It replaces the electricity in the water molecules so that 2 of 3 of the little round balls are closer together. We haven’t changed the mass. We change the volume, so what we have is heavier water. The fact is that it is a very bio-acceptable. It’s a smaller water molecule that living tissue just drinks up. The smaller molecule will pass through membranes with ease, unlike the big water molecule with its electrical charges repelled by your skin and by your cells. In order to moisturize the body you have to drink a lot of water, elevate your blood pressure and it helps to eat a little bit of salt, and pressurize your whole system to push moisture into your tissues. With the Prill Water you only have to stick your hand in it.

Q: Are you familiar with the technology of putting water through a catalytic converter?

Jim: Do you know how many different forms of water there are in the world? There are 300,000 known hydrocarbon waters. At least 140,000 inorganic waters and there are a few people out there that have a magic water that’s got some kind of magic characteristic. I’m one of them.

Q: cont’d. My purifier displaces the hydrogen atom to some degree so the body gets more oxygen. I let it sit and it has lots of bubbles in it.

Jim: That’s occluded oxygen that only a fish would breathe and it is occluded in the water molecule. It’s not oxygen from the molecule itself.

Q: Can I put Prill Water in my fish tank?

Jim: Only once. Fish breathe occluded oxygen. No, you can’t use Prill Water in a fish tank. I gave a fellow some Prills and he thought he would test to see if the water is poison so he got himself some gold fish and he put them in the Prill Water and in 20 minutes they were belly up. There’s no occluded oxygen in Prill Water, the fish can’t breathe, and they suffocate. Small water molecules do not absorb the oxygen from the atmosphere and make it available to fish. Don’t put your fish in Prill Water.

Q: How would you clean a lake?

Jim: It’s high concentration with the fish tank. If you wanted to clean a lake, in an open environment if you had the same effect going on say in this jar that would really benefit the lake, it would turn green and you would say it had algae in it. The lake will turn green and grow algae. The algae will produce massive amounts of oxygen that the fish can easily breathe and it’s not just a surface effect.

Q: I put Prill Water in a small fountain. In one day the pump made a noise and stopped.

Jim: One of two things: the Prill Water will grow algae if you are not using it often enough. It also dissolves hydrocarbons. The Prill Water and the Laundry Appliance are using the same principle. Oils are mixing with Prill water. Plastics are all made of hydrocarbon, so it decomposes the plastic.

Q: What’s the life expectancy of the Prills and the Laundry Appliance?

Jim: The life expectancy of the Prills is indefinite. The Laundry Appliance is effective until the bag wears out. We have been using ours for 5 years now.

Q: What is the affect on garden plants?

Jim: Garden plants love Prill Water. Plants spend all of their growing time producing water very similar to Prill Water with the cellulose in their stocks. With the Prill Water you can shorten the growth of corn from 120 days to about 60 days.

Q: Is the Prill Water acidic or alkaline?

Jim: The Prill Water and the Magic Water both will test somewhat basic. That doesn’t mean a thing. The presence of hydrogen ions affects the pH. Absence of hydrogen is not called alkalinity. Let’s say you have 2 hydrogen and an oxygen molecule and you replace some of the electricity in this molecule itself, not just the binding electricity, but the electricity within the atom itself; in doing this your molecule becomes smaller. The character of the atoms themselves may change. You might have to change their names. They might not be hydrogen any more. If that is the case you would have an absence of hydrogen, which would register as an increase in pH.

Q: Can you give more information on the Cupcake? I hear people carry it in their pockets.

Jim: The Cupcake generates an energy field, and the energy is love or life force. It’s kind of like carrying a small battery charger in your car and continually charging your battery. It a very good thing to carry with you.

Q: I have one of the ionization machines where the water is separated into acid and alkaline. Is this a good water to use with the Prills?

Jim: Just use filtered tap water. Don’t make it more complex. Don’t try to do better, this water is as good as it needs to be.

Q: So is my water separator useless now?

Jim: No, but you need to know what to use it for. I wouldn’t ingest it. I’ve got one of those machines too and I can dissolve gold with it.

Q: What pH do you develop in the body when using Prill Water?

Jim: The perfect pH of your saliva would be 7.2. Prill Water can be used on yeast infections and on herpes. It will help your body deal with that.

Q: What about skin cancer?

Jim: For skin cancer I suggest the Goldenseal Drops. Apply it directly and let it soak in. Do it 2 or 3 times in a row. It usually peels right off and is gone. That’s what happened with mine.

Thanks to the wonderful assistance of Chris Morris for the transcription of a taped public meeting with Jim Carter in Tacoma, WA in 2003.

Caller: One of my clients complained after using the Dollop of Love that her skin was dry, and she had to smear a bunch of lotion all over her. Is it drying?

Jim: She may not know the difference between dryness and tightness. As we age, we grow accustomed to having our skin sag more rather than tighten, so it may be registering in her brain as dryness. No, you are actually moisturizing the skin. You don’t really even need to put creams on. What they’re usually doing is just filling in the cracks so it feels smooth, anyway.

Caller: I noticed the book says something about people with kidney problems. If I’ve had some kidney problems, should I avoid taking the products?

Jim: If you had kidney failure, you wouldn’t be talking on the phone and therefore you should not use these products. Well, actually, they worked extremely well even in people with severe kidney conditions. What happens, the kidneys will strip out the excess magnesium in the bloodstream, because too much magnesium in the blood serum will cause the heart to malfunction. So if the kidneys didn’t take care of that balancing, you could have heart problems from it. It has never happened and even with people who came in with complete renal failure – kidneys completely shut down – and have been given a bath with the bath crystals have responded to it just dynamically and very positively.

I don’t think you could hurt yourself with it; it is just the most absurd condition we could come up with. Every condition known to man except acute alcoholism seems to respond very well to magnesium supplementation on a cellular level. You really can’t supplement magnesium any other way. In other words, if you take oral supplements, they will do no good at all because your kidneys will always be removing the magnesium faster than it can get into the cellular structure.

Caller: Is it possible to split a bag of Prill and make two batches of water of two quarts each, one with regular water and one with really polluted water to do an experiment? This is for a very skeptical friend of mine who doesn’t really believe it can clean very polluted water.

Jim: Of course you could do that. We have used those Prills to clean the water from nuclear power plants and the result was a reduction of stuff in the water to parts per trillion; not even parts per billion – I mean virtually nothing.

Caller: That’s nuclear residue, right?

Jim: Well, the water that’s used in nuclear power plants which is highly radioactive and full of all kinds of contaminated things. They were originally designed for that purpose – that’s what I made them for.

Caller: So if we split a bag in two would be put it in two two-quarts of water in two different containers?

Jim: Yeah, you could do that. Personally, I wouldn’t bother. It’s only been done 5,000 times. Chlorine, for instance, will sometimes come out of the water and float on top; it’s heavier than air, and sometimes people will say they taste chlorine in the water when actually what they are doing is tasting the gas that’s trying to leave the water. So my position with anyone who is extremely skeptical is this: “let them age another ten years and then talk to them again.”

Caller: I’m 74 years old and have had atrial fibrillation for about 20 years. I am using medication that is controlling that. I also just had a stroke. I don’t like having to use medication.

Jim: Sounds to me like you are having anxiety attacks. You may be worrying too much. Try taking a bath with the Bath Crystals at night. Concerning the medication, the important thing is, if you are regenerating faster than you are degenerating, you’ll be able to survive the medication all right. It won’t really do a lot of harm and I wouldn’t even worry about it. I’d just go ahead and take it.

Caller: Some of the medication bothers my eyes because it creates deposits there.

Jim: Spray them with the Prill water. They just need hydrating. Most of those medications will dehydrate you, so put some Prill water in a little spray bottle and spray your eyes whenever they are dry. Magic Water would work even better. Put a drop of the Goldenseal in it and in a little while you will get to where you won’t have to do it but just occasionally or maybe not at all. Our Goldenseal extract has 14 things in it that you don’t find in any other Goldenseal extract. It is very complete. I can’t tell you what the 14 things do because I don’t know what Goldenseal does, except it prevents all manner of infections and staph and strep and stuff like that, so I would just treat the symptoms and enjoy life as much as possible – that’s what we all should be doing anyway.

Caller: When you take a trip, how to you turn regular water into Prill water?

Jim: Take a bottle of the Prill water with you and just add a little bit, like an ounce to a quart of bottled water and you should be fine. It has a lot more power in it than what we’ve told everybody to this point. Even putting 3 or 4 ounces in a bath would have a good effect on the whole bath, instantaneously. You are not turning the larger water into Prill water; you will just smooth it all out, making it good for drinking [or bathing] from a moisturization standpoint.

Caller: Natural Calm was recommended as the one supplement of powdered magnesium that you can take. I haven’t been taking it since I started these products because I didn’t want to OD on magnesium – and I’ve had trouble sleeping a couple of times and a lot of muscle aches.

Jim: You really can’t OD on it. You wouldn’t get enough magnesium into your cells by taking it orally anyway. I don’t think an oral magnesium supplement is viable at all. I think that is why we are all magnesium deficient. Magnesium in the blood serum is critical to the function of the heart. If you put too much into the digestive tract, the kidneys will simply strip it out. If they didn’t, you would have all kinds of problems. So oral supplements have just never worked. You may be just be having some discomfort in the beginning from doing the baths because your cells are coming back to life.

Caller: How do you feel about vitamin supplements?

Jim: Well, they’re like food. I enjoy eating – it sedates my appetite. But I haven’t taken an oral vitamin in two-and-a-half years. A lot of things you can assimilate through the digestive tract, magnesium is just one that you can’t get that way; silica is another essential mineral that you can’t get through the digestive system.

Caller: I have a 5-year-old daughter. How often do you recommend giving children a bath in the products?

Jim: Every day. No problem with babies either. No problem with pregnant women. Put her in a tub with the bath crystals two or three times before she delivers and the delivery will be much easier and will restore the flexibility to all that tissue that is going to have to do some remarkable things, and she just won’t have the discomfort. Add teaspoonful to the baby’s bath and the baby will probably sleep through the night on the first or second night and probably be just real happy from then on. Put a little of it in the bath every time you get her in there and you find that they are just so much happier.

Caller: I just started a commercial antidepressant, and would like to try the St. Johns Drops. Would they be incompatible?

Jim: Start off with the St. Johns Drops slowly and see if they make you feel even better. We’ve found no contraindications to the St. Johns Drops and any medication that anybody’s been on. Your antidepressants are going into the bloodstream, and the St. Johns Drops are going into your cellular structure; they don’t really ever come in contact with each other.

Caller: How much Prill water should we give an asthmatic child?

Jim: Don’t worry about the water he’s drinking. Spray the Magic Water into his face and have him breathe it in, or the Prill water if you don’t have Magic Water. Moisturize the lungs and the asthma will go away. The problem with emphysema, asthma, those things, is just dry lungs. They get dry and the more you breathe, the drier they get. Moisten them a little bit and they will start functioning again. Spray it in his mouth and have him breathe in at the same time, or just spray it in his face while he’s breathing in.

Caller: Some people are feeling tired or achy after starting the products. Is that normal?

Jim: It ranges from peacefulness, painlessness, almost euphoria, to a real need to rest. A common denominator in every healing modality that I know of is a need for rest. “Take two of these and get a good night’s sleep.” We’re all sleep-deprived. Our batteries are run down and after you get so exhausted you can’t rest. It depends on how deprived and how long the sleep deprivation has been going on. In most people if they would just take a week off and sleep when they felt like they should sleep, that would probably recharge the battery up to an acceptable level.

Caller: I have a cataract surgery scheduled for the end of the month. Any advice?

Jim: A couple of drops of Goldenseal extract in about an ounce of Prill water. Spray it in your eyes as often as you can and the cataracts will melt. Cataracts are just hardening of the tissue of the lens of the eyes. Kind of like arthritis of the eyes.

Caller: I have been submerging my face in the bath crystal baths and opening my eyes to improve them. Is that okay?

Jim: Well, it’s too late if it isn’t! Yes, that sounds fine.

Caller: I have been spraying the Magic Oil on the projection of organs and internal scar tissue that I have wanted to heal. Is there an advantage to doing this right over the organs or is it just going into the skin and spreading around?

Jim: The Magic Oil is designed to be sprayed over specific areas like that. It will be absorbed by the tissue long before it gets to your digestive tract. The point is if you have a specific area of concern, put it on two or three times a day. Just keep putting it on that area-load up the tissue.

Caller: I have scar tissue from an operation that is not on top of my skin. It’s puckered.

Jim: Take the Magic Oil-like a four-ounce bottle-and put a drop of frankincense and myrrh essential oils in it and it will cause the scar tissue to reshape itself as it regenerates into nice round normal tissue again.

Caller: Can you do that with deep internal scarring like where the ovaries were from a hysterectomy?

Jim: Yes.

Caller: Do these products help in menopause?

Jim: Menopause is purely an issue of magnesium deficiency. Norman Shealy treated menopause successfully for over fifteen years before the other doctors admitted that you girls had it, and he treated it with very slow, very dilute drop of magnesium chloride intravenously twice a week. His patients didn’t have menopause within a week or two. My wife had seven years of the most remarkable menopause I think you could possibly imagine, and it just causes me to think of the difference between a wolf and a menopausal woman: You can deal with the wolf. When Dr. Shealy was out here he tried to get Becky to go back to Missouri to do the intravenous thing and she wouldn’t do it so he said to soak her feet every day in what is now the Magic Oil Crystals, and within a month all the symptoms were gone.

You can put a tablespoonful of the crystals into a pan of warm water and soak your feet if that is easier than putting them in the bathtub. I prefer the bathtub because you’re getting it through all your skin. Do it every day for a while. Seems to take about a month to get enough magnesium into the system to have the whole chain of events that occur when you get magnesium back into the system. Amino acids forming, hormones switch on, all kinds of other things, it just goes on and on. But they all line up in the right order when you’ve got enough magnesium into your system. You become very pleasant.

Caller: What about the Star Chamber? Will it be possible to ever get to go to that?

Jim: A lot of things will be possible as we go down the road. Twilight is just over 3 months old and we’ve still got a lot of details to work out. The Star Chamber is a way to change the water in the entire system in your entire body. You can change 60% of the water in your body in 20 minutes. Just like any container of water, the cleanliness of that water is extremely important. If you have too much mineralization in your heart water, you are going to have arthritis, you are going to have rheumatism, and you are going to have all kinds of symptoms from that. If you can trade soft water for that hard water-those symptoms go away. We use two or three different kinds of water in the Star Chamber, but one of them is basically Prill water. It’s just like soaking in 135 gallons of Prill Water.

It would take you a day or two to manufacture that much, but you could do the same thing at home. You can essentially make a Star Chamber in your own bath by putting in Bath Crystals, a couple of sprays of Magic Oil-the Magic Oil in this case acts catalytically and puts a new pattern into your body and starts telling the magnesium that is already in there what it should be doing instead of laying around playing rock. Snow crystals will give you a higher percentage of Prill type water in your bath than putting the Prills in the bath will. A teaspoonful will make a remarkable difference. The Sea Snow is the white powder and the snow crystals are kind of a saffron-colored material. If you put a teaspoonful of both in your bath in a month’s time you would have accomplished something very similar to going through the Star Chamber two or three times.

Caller: What advantage is there to putting the Laundry Appliance in the tub? Would we then not have to save up Prill water to add to the bath?

Jim: The same as putting Prills in it. Just more. Just another way you can use it. If you use the Snow Crystals and the Sea Snow you will get a better effect than if you saved up all these buckets of Prill water.

Caller: My mother is 87 and has been very ill. Should I start her out on these slowly so I don’t overdose her?

Jim: You can’t overdose her. The aging process itself began because of the magnesium deficiency when you were 20-25 years old, and it has just gotten progressively worse. Put her in a bathtub if you can, with a teacup of the bath crystals in it and see what happens. It won’t hurt her, any more than if you took her to the ocean and put her in the ocean. It’s that’s safe.

Caller: We are soaking our vegetables in prill water. Do we need to change it with each new batch?

Jim: You’re better off only using it once or twice. The vegetables will soak up all the good stuff that’s in it, and they will also give up all their pesticides to the water. If you soak carrots, for instance, for 10-20 minutes in the water, you probably won’t have to put them in water again for two weeks. If you soak it in Prill water for five minutes and then put it back in the plastic bag, sometimes they will last three months.

Caller: I may have been overdoing it.

Jim: As long as you don’t get an effect you don’t like, I don’t think you can make a mistake. If you do, change!

Caller: Does this stuff help people get rid of their tumors?

Jim: Tumors are very difficult because they have isolated themselves from the rest of the body. They really need specific attention. That is a place where the Magic Oil and saturating a particular area a lot is a very good thing to do.

Q: What product would help high cholesterol?

Jim: For a person with high cholesterol magnesium is the best treatment. When DHEA goes up cholesterol goes down. When DHEA goes down cholesterol goes up. They are related; your body is either producing one or the other. Put magnesium in the system, DHEA will go up, cholesterol will go down. Diabetes is calcification of the pancreas and calcification throughout the body and in muscles and joints is arthritis. Calcification in the brain is called Alzheimer’s. It’s all related to magnesium.

Author: Life Enthusiast