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  • SuperFood Blend for Heart and Circulation

    Heart Studies Formula

    SuperFood Blend for Heart and Circulation

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    SuperFood Blend for Heart and Circulation

    Restore Heart Function without Surgery Decrease Overall Inflammation Inflammation in your cardiovascular system (veins, your arteries, heart) are not inevitable and in fact, can be avoided with Heart Studies Formula. Heart Studies Formula is No-nonsense Nutrition Support healthy heart performance and keep your arteries youthful and clean. Cholesterol deposits can be dissolved and flushed out of your body. Your heart will beat 100,000 times for you today. Wouldn't it be great to do something nice for your heart? This formula is based upon the research of dozens of the World's top scientists, doctors, Nobel Prize winners....

    • Restore Optimal Cardiovascular Function without Surgery
    • Dissolve and Flush Out Arterial Plaque
    • Normalize Blood Pressure
    • Improve Physical Performance
  • Reduce Blood Clotting, Traumas and Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

    Natto LP

    Reduce Blood Clots

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     By: Allegany Nutrition
    Reduce Blood Clots

    Reduce Blood Clotting Traumas Systemic Enzymes Improve Your Cardiovascular Health Systemic Enzymes in Natto LP work with your body to correct cardiovascular imbalances. Natto enzyme attacks the underlying functions instead of the symptoms. Natto LP is promoting cardiovascular health. High Potency Enzyme Supplement operating in a wide pH Range "Nattokinase: A Promising Alternative in Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases" "Nattokinase: An Oral Antithrombotic Agent for the Prevention of Cardiovascular...

    • Systemic Enzymes to Reduce the Chance of Blood Clots
    • Improve Your Cardiovascular Health
    • Address Underlying Imbalances, Not Just the Symptoms
  • LipiCept

    Support Healthy Cholesterol

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     By: HCP Formulas
    Support Healthy Cholesterol

    LipiCept helps bring your cholesterol levels into normal range, and keep them there. Reduce your risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease and blood clots. Contains two proven effective, proprietary plant-based blends to lower blood cholesterol. LipiCept Contains: 1. Pantesin Showed a significant improvement in blood lipid ratios over and above the Heart Healthy Diet! Pantethine (as Pantesin) is proven to treat cardiovascular disease. Also treats stress, auto immune disorders, painful joints and inflammed bowel diseases. 2. Sytrinol Branded blend of citrus and palm fruit extracts, proven to lower blood cholesterol. Powerful antioxidant to...

    • Normalize Your Cholesterol
    • Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
    • Plant-based Ingredients, Proven to Lower Cholesterol
  • Rubeplex

    Vascular Detox – Heart and Circulation

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     By: RemedyLink
    Vascular Detox – Heart and Circulation

    Rubeplex Lowers Risk of Blood Clots Maintain Heart Health Vitamin C: Avoid Heart Disease Vitamin C reduces inflammation and helps heal inflammation in your heart arteries. We humans lack the gene to produce Vitamin C, and it's water soluble and so must be taken daily for optimal health. Potassium Citrate: Reduce Blood Clots for Healthy Blood Flow Potassium Citrate may help recover the normal "non-stick" character of blood vessels, so blood remains appropriately uncoagulated, reducing turbulence and related fraying of the vessel tissue that leads to plaque formation. Lysine: Lowers Plaque Formation Lysine may be able to...

    • Maintain Healthy Blood Vessels
    • Lower Risk of Blood Clots
    • Reduce Plaque Formation
  • 6 Powerful Enzymes + 6 Essential Herbs

    Cardio Support

    6 Powerful Enzymes + 6 Essential Herbs

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     By: Allegany Nutrition
    6 Powerful Enzymes + 6 Essential Herbs

    Cardio Support is an all-natural formula. Supports your cardiovascular health. And overall health and vitality too. Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant  and Blood Viscosity Modulating If your cardiovascular system has imbalances, you can have other issues throughout your body. Seemingly unrelated. Yet a healthy cardiovascular system is crucial for overall health. It supports every tissue, organ, muscle and function. Delayed release capsules ensure nutrients survive your stomach acid and...

    • Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant
    • Blood Viscosity Modulating
    • Supports Overall Health and Vitality
  • Nattovena

    Improve Your Heart Health, Build Muscle

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     By: Arthur Andrew Medical
    Improve Your Heart Health, Build Muscle

    Supports Heart Health and Helps Build Muscle Reduces Fibrin Fibrin plays a major role in blood clotting and scar formation - an essential component of your health and general well-being. But overproduction of fibrin is common, and a major contributing factor in the most common heart and circulatory health conditions. With age, our fibrin levels fluctuate, and when out of balance you may experience: Fatigue Painful joints Arterial blockage High blood pressure. Many people associate these symptoms with age or poor diet. Although these contribute, the underlying cause can be excessive fibrin. To prevent...

    • Supports Circulatory and Heart Health
    • Superior Fibrin Degradation for Normal Blood Viscosity
    • Improves Muscle Recovery and Immune Health