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  • Esencia Feminine Evergy Tonic by RD Herbs 90g


    Feminine Energy Tonic

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     By: RDT Herbs
    Feminine Energy Tonic

    Esencia is designed primarily for women in reproductive years. Also great for vegetarian men, and post-menopausal women with low blood iron. Supports energy for women's unique metabolic and hormonal needs. Primarily working to fortify the blood. This benefits the menstrual cycle. Esencia supports women's health in many ways: Regulates energy and metabolism for healthy weight management Fortifies the blood (excellent for low blood iron) Helps regulate the menstrual cycle Reduces fluid retention (edema) Helps warm hands and feet Beauty formula for lustrous skin Tonifies kidneys Enhances the anti-aging and reproductive energies....

    • Helps Regulate Menstruation
    • Supports Heathy Metabolism for Weight Management
    • May Help Raise Low Blood Iron
  • PurelyWild SpruceAlive Wild, raw spruce extract-plus 1 fl. oz.

    SpruceAlive Drops

    Full Spectrum Spruce Resin Extract

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     By: PurelyWild
    Full Spectrum Spruce Resin Extract

    SpruceAlive Drops support your cellular health. With the power of wild, raw Spruce Resin Extract. Topical antibacterial and antifungal properties support healthy tissue regeneration to help repair skin sores and wounds Supports your natural internal cleansing response Helps cleanse urinary and digestive systems May increase strength needed for daily work Supports healthy sleep (rise earlier with more energy and strength). Ethically picked and processed. Carefully removed by hand from trees in the far northern wilderness. Spruce resin is produced by wild spruce trees to repair them from trauma and injury. Humans can...

    • Supports Cellular Health and Tissue Regeneration
    • Antibacterial and Antifungal (skin repair)
    • Digestive, Immune, Heart, Blood pressure and Prostate Support
  • Skin Sorcery Lisse Rejuvinating Creme 1.7 Fl. Oz.

    Lisse Rejuvenating Creme

    Face Moisturizer

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     By: Skin Sorcery
    Face Moisturizer

    Lisse Rejuvenating Creme does more than instantly hydrate your skin. It helps with: Reduces wrinkles Promotes skin elasticity Anti-bacterial Smoother complexion Reduces pock marks, scars and age spots Anti-inflammatory properties too. Rich in antioxidants that work to restore and strengthen surface and deep cellular layers. Non-oily with a unique combination of ingredients. Here's a curious piece of data... Most people use over 10 different products on their skin and hair every day! Your skin is your body's largest organ and acts more like a sponge than a barrier - you absorb all the product ingredients...

    • Moisturize and Help Reduce Wrinkles
    • May Improve Skin Elasticity and Smoothness
    • Many See Real Results in 10 Days
  • Two packings of Alexandria Professionals Mud Puddle Hungarian Mud where one bottle showing mud spilling out of it

    Mud Puddle

    Anti-inflammatory Skin Treatment

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     By: Alexandria Professional
    Anti-inflammatory Skin Treatment

    Mud Puddle is a rejuvenating skin treatment. For use as a face mask and/or body wrap. Deeply penetrates to help clear toxins. Promotes tissue firmness and strength. Anti-inflammatory properties soothe red, swollen skin conditions. Helps relieve both acute and chronic pain. From sports injuries, fractions and dislocations. May also help tight muscles or tendons in need of stretch. May improve skin texture Helps reduce ingrown hair problems Helps increase blood circulation May relax soft and connective tissues Helps increase lymph and metabolic activity. Mud Puddle is made from all-natural Hungarian Wellness...

    • Helps Relieve Inflamed Skin Conditions
    • May Relieve Both Chronic and Acute Pain
    • Helps Detoxify and Rejuvenate Your Skin
  • GaiaThera Fulvic Deo

    Fulvic Deo

    Deodorant Mist

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     By: GaiaThera
    Deodorant Mist

    Fulvic Deo helps stop underarm odor immediately upon contact. It naturally eliminates the bacteria causing body odor. Also works without bathing. Whenever odor occurs. Fulvic Acid helps detoxify your lymph nodes. And may reverse ...

    • Helps Eliminates Body Odor on Contact
    • May Regulate Body Bacteria
    • Helps Reduce Irritation
  • Andreas Sunflower seed oil

    Sunflower Seed Oil

    Healthy Cooking Oil

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     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Healthy Cooking Oil

    Sunflower Seed Oil Unlike most other cooking oils, Sunflower Seed Oil is made up of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and is low in saturated fats. Research has found that monounsaturated fats can  produce lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Promotes skin health and skin cell regeneration May help reduce cholesterol High in Vitamin E May boost energy Antioxidant Promotes good heart health. These seeds and oil have been used for culinary and medicinal purposes by many cultures throughout history. They are packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, necessary for the healthy function of...

    • Low in Saturated Fats
    • Promotes Skin Regeneration
    • Supports Your Heart and Energy
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    Elijah’s Skin Salve

    Fast Acting Skin Repair Salve

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     By: Earth Friend Herb Co
    Fast Acting Skin Repair Salve

    Elijah's Skin Salve is specially formulated for mature skin. May reduce the effects of time, stress, inflammation and aging. Helps speed repair of skin injuries: Burns Cuts Bites and stings Peeling red skin Outperforms any other skin repair solution. Try it as: Aftershave lotion Moisturizing night cream Diaper rash solution for babies Sunburn relief Compare it with your best anti-aging skin cream. See how far back in time it can take your skin. This salve is unscented. The ingredients in this skin salve are all-natural and have many benefits. Elijah's Skin Salve does go on slightly...

    • Speed Skin Injury Repairs, Especially Burns
    • Rich Source of Restoration Nutrients
    • Available in Classic, Coconut and Mature
  • Wild Oil of Myrtle

    Antibiotic Properties

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     By: North American Herb & Spice
    Antibiotic Properties
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    Wild Oil of Myrtle is antibiotic, helps boost immunity and: Supports heart health and respiratory conditions Protects against intestinal conditions Helps regulate the endocrine system (hormones) May prevent certain tumors Helps treat skin diseases May lower blood sugar Helps improve kidney function May boost cognitive health. Rub on your face and hands for beautiful...

    • Helps Boosts Immunity
    • Supports Heart and Respiratory Health
    • May Help Regulate Hormones
  • Andreas Hemp Seed Oil 7 fl. oz. 207mL

    Hemp Seed Oil

    Superior Source of Healthy Fats

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     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Superior Source of Healthy Fats

    Hemp Seed Oil An excellent heart-healthy food, largely due to its sterols. Supports your immune system by promoting healthy intestinal flora. Anti-aging protection for skin, hair and nails. Deeply nourishes and moisturizes. Ample DHA is fabulous for your eyes and brain. Anti-inflammatory effects may reduce pain and red skin conditions. May reduce risk of heart disease and memory issues. A good portion of Hemp Seed Oil omega-6 fat is in the form of GLA  (gamma linoleic acid). Contains up to 5% pure GLA. Much higher concentration than any other plant. GLA...

    • May Reduce Inflammation and Pain
    • Support Your Heart and Brain
    • Good for Immunity and Digestion
  • Algonot GentleDerm


    Unique Antioxidant Lotion

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     By: Algonot
    Unique Antioxidant Lotion

    GentleDerm is excellent for sensitive skin. It hydrates, nourishes and soothes. May reduce skin irritations and sensitivities. Feels rejuvenating. GentleDerm was developed with an exclusive combination of ingredients. Based on published research. Having sensitive skin is frustrating and can be painful. Can feel hopeless if products irritate your skin more. Finding the right product can be life-changing. Excellent for you if your skin is: Easily irritated Sensitive to food, medications, stress or products. Many things constantly affect skin. Like age, weather, hormones, diet and exercise. If everything you do leaves your skin worse than before, try GentleDerm. Let...

    • Nourishing Hydration
    • Feels Rejuvenating
    • Soothes Sensitive Skin
  • QuickSilver Scientific, Bitters No 9

    Bitters No. 9

    Ease Digestive Troubles AND Support Detoxification

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     By: QuickSilver Scientific
    Ease Digestive Troubles AND Support Detoxification

    Bitter No. 9 Eases Digestive Troubles AND Supports Detoxification Before eating - helps prevent bloating and cramping. After eating - may ease indigestion, heartburn, nausea and upset stomach. You can actually improve the daily function of your digestive system, as Bitters feed the micro-bacteria that become your healthy intestinal flora. This formula is a gentler version of Bitter X. Suitable for even the most sensitive individuals. May support liver function for healthy bile production and flow (critical for optimal digestion and detoxification) Helps detoxify and strengthen your gallbladder and kidneys...

    • Take Before Eating, Helps Prevent Digestive Troubles
    • Take After Eating Helps Relieve Digestive Troubles
    • Feeds Your Healthy Intestinal Flora
  • GaiaThera Fulvic Pain 120ml

    Fulvic Pain

    Fast, Topical Skin Repair

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     By: GaiaThera
    Fast, Topical Skin Repair

    Fulvic Pain easily penetrates your skin. To help accelerate repair. And  may relieve pain and irritation. Excellent to help all types of skin irritations including: Heat and sun burns Inflamed red skin Rashes and Allergic reactions Bites and stings Viral lesions and...

    • Topically May Accelerate Skin Repair
    • Helps Relieve Pain and Irritation
    • Great for Burns (sun and heat)
  • Andreas See Oils Organic Chia Seed Oil 7 fl. oz

    Chia Seed Oil

    Anti-aging and Delicious

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     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Anti-aging and Delicious

    Chia Seed Oil Versatile in your kitchen Great for skin hydration May reduce fine lines and wrinkles Promotes smooth, shiny hair Supports heart and brain health. "Chia" means strength. Ancient Mesoamerican cultures ate these seeds to boost energy. Great source of essential fats. Your body cannot make them. You must get them from...

    • Versatile in Your Kitchen
    • Excellent Hydration for Skin and Hair
    • Promotes Heart and Brain Health
  • PurelyWild, SpruceAlive Cream

    SpruceAlive Cream

    Supports Overall Skin Health

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     By: PurelyWild
    Supports Overall Skin Health

    SpruceAlive Cream is a breakthrough formula, a potent solution for various skin needs. Nourishes your skin. Ideal for normal, damaged, aging, cracked, or irritated skin, and sunburns. Regular use will help keep your skin soft and smooth. Can be used as a preventive face and hand cream. Combines wild spruce resin with wild pine resin. Enhanced with natural, wild essential oils, propolis, royal jelly and raw honey. A rare, natural remedy that was never before available. Both spruce and pine resins have a long history of use for skin support: Pine tar is famously relied...

    • Helps Nourish and Repair Skin
    • Excellent on Damaged, Cracked or Irritated Skin
    • Good for Normal and Dry Aging Skin
  • PurelyWild, SumaMax  2oz


    Wild and Raw Sumac Berry and Cranberry Extract

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     By: PurelyWild
    Wild and Raw Sumac Berry and Cranberry Extract

    SumaMax is formulated with wild and raw sumac berries and leaves. With wild and raw high bush cranberry extract. Designed to promote a healthy urinary response by harnessing the potential benefits of whole food. Being raw ensures that all the natural sunlight, electrical energy, and enzymes are intact. Just as animals consume their medicinal foods in their raw state. Please note that SumaMax is made in limited quantities and available...

    • Natural Kidney and Bladder Support
    • Antioxidant Benefits Overall Well Being
    • Promotes Stronger Immunity
  • Bundle: Cardio Support

    Helps Increase Your Endurance, Flexibility, Strength

     By: Life Enthusiast
    Helps Increase Your Endurance, Flexibility, Strength
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    Bundle: Cardio Support May help if you're low on energy and endurance. May increase your flexibility and strength. Helps rebuild your vitality. This Bundle: Cardio Support includes: ATP Energy (4oz) AuraFit (Ecklonia 300 14oz) Barley Gold (Level 1 or 2: 16oz) H2 Elite (60...

    • Get Your Life Back
    • Finish Your Day with Leftover Energy
    • Cutting-edge Products