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Twilight America

Star Chamber Receiver

Capture and Transmit Life Force (orgone) Energy Within Your Space

Improve the energetic ambiance in your home and lower the negative environmental energies. You can also turn your bath into a Life Force enhancing experience. Our Star Chamber Receiver pulls Life Force Energy (orgone) in, and concentrates it around itself. This will protect you from n
Twilight AmericaStar Chamber Receiver

Twilight America

Star Chamber Receiver

Capture and Transmit Life Force (orgone) Energy Within Your Space

  • Fill Your Space with Harmonizing Energy, Clear of Electromagnetic Chaos
  • Protect Yourself From Negative Environmental Energies
  • Energize Water in your Bath or Hot Tub to Experience Supreme Hydration

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Improve the energetic ambiance in your home and lower the negative environmental energies. You can also turn your bath into a Life Force enhancing experience.

Our Star Chamber Receiver pulls Life Force Energy (orgone) in, and concentrates it around itself. This will protect you from negative environmental energies.

Life Force Energy is all around us. The Star Chamber Receiver pulls it in and connects you to it.

This stack of orgonite devices is like an antenna that pulls the Life Force energy in and transmits this energy to all water filled bodies nearby - that includes you, your pets and your plants.

Placed in your home, the Receiver will pull in Life Force and fill your space, turning it into an island of Love and Peace that envelops your living environment and perhaps that of your neighbors. It will also protect you and your family from the negative energies of our environment.

Think of it as a transmitter - it resonates with the planetary energies on a subspace channel, using the energy that animates all life. It is not easily measured - it is known by many names such as Life Force, Chi, ECK, Divine Love and Prana.

  • Fill Your Space with Harmonizing Energy, Clear of Electromagnetic Chaos
  • Protect Yourself From Negative Environmental Energies
  • Energize Water in your Bath or Hot Tub to Experience Supreme Hydration

Customer Reviews

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by Myra L on November 01, 2006
Verified Purchase

I REALLY LOVE this!!! I live with someone who use to be totally negative and difficult to be around. Putting this in the main room (middle room) where we meet has changed everything. He is more mellow and upbeat (I've known him for 20 yrs) than ever before. He is still negative, but not as much. All the verbal attacks have stopped. It is wonderful. The house is happier, we are all happier. If the cat could type, she would put her words on this-all good. (he doesn't get mad at her anymore either). It works. What else can I say? I love the change.

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This Magic Water is a real winner!

by Michael B on January 01, 2007
Verified Purchase

I am making gallons of Magic Water with my Star Chamber Receiver. I put the Magic Water, mixed with some Prill Water into our vaporizer. The upper respiratory virus that is attacking people and keeping them sick for over two weeks at a time is no match for this Magic Water. As soon as I began to feel symptoms, I began inhaling the vapors, being careful not to burn my lips or throat. Overnight, it broke my fever and within two days complete recovery was experienced. The second day, was just a slight feel of virus that was hardly worth mentioning. Last year, this virus had me in misery for several weeks. My daughter had been suffering, then along with my wife, for days before the virus caught up with me. As soon as I thought of this treatment, we went to work. My wife experienced the same rapid recovery. Our daughter took a few extra days to pull out of it, but it was far less miserable for her and much less duration than last year. Thank you again. Try this therapy sometime, if you have not already done so. Let everyone know. This Magic Water is a real winner!

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profound spiritual changes

by Anne B on April 07, 2010
Verified Purchase

"Just as soon as I did the internet transaction, while still on the computer, this immense cloud lifted off me, immense, and it became clear this is my next step. Living in the radiation of a star chamber that concentrates cosmic love wherever I am!!!! Blessing the entire area I live in. It has not arrived yet and yet, no more depression, much more clarity, and an understanding that the overwhelming resentment and anger and deep rejection and separation feelings I have experienced since the first of the year, (made unprecedented commitments on paper for 2006 and the universe is delivering VERY quickly) which swamped me to the extent that I could not stand to see my reflection in the mirror as it showed so clearly that I was filled with disgust and rejection and hatefulness - that this was 'stuff surfacing to be cleansed' and even while it was happening and I saw this, I could NOT end it... it was awful!!!!! And now, it is gone. Gone. In a heartbeat, it vanished when I ordered the Star Chamber. And has remained vanished. Like lifting the veil. Like emerging out of deep thunder cloud into the bright light. For a week, there was is this weird suspension inside me, an emptiness where there was judgment before, seeing how I used this consciousness to interface with the world, assessing and culling and condemning no matter how aware I was of it and how much I wanted out. It is as if a part of my brain and mind had simply STOPPED. As if someone had taken OUT some part and now there is this resounding silence and peace and absence of. I have used the Violet Flame for 17 years and they say just before critical mass, 51% is reached, clearing the entire remaining 'creation' out in one fell swoop, the appearance of the stuff one is cleansing, becomes worse than ever as the core and the deepest and yukkiest part of it is lifted... and so it seems with me. Now I am normalising and re-adjusting to life and society, but still the intense sense of disgust has not returned. I have a profound feeling that the SCR will alter my life in big ways once it is here. Awesome, hm?????"

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My energy immediately shifted

by Melanie A on April 27, 2010
Verified Purchase

I was mentally sluggish yesterday morning, bordering on being 'depressed', and [my partner] brought me the Star Chamber Tower and put it on my desk with a drop of 'Meditation' oil blend. My energy immediately shifted and my thoughts became inspiring rather than depressing. Thank you again for such great products!

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it conditions the water very quickly

by Clive O on May 26, 2012
Verified Purchase

We use this device in our bath and it conditions the water very quickly. We are trying it in our pool as well but I imagine that it may take some time with 100,000 litres. Would love to hear from anyone else who has any experience with pool usage.

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streams of bubbles rise to the surface

by Sandra T on October 07, 2014
Verified Purchase

I filter my water at the sink then run it through a Zero Water pitcher before I make my Prill water. Then I add my Prill water in a quart Mason jar and place my Star Chamber Receiver in the jar. I have also poured the water over the Receiver. When I do this, my Receiver ""sings"" and streams of bubbles rise to the surface as well as accumulating on the Receiver. Once the ""singing"" has died down (at first I can hear it across the room with my 69-year-old hearing), for several minutes (I haven't timed it) there's a rhythmic beat like a muted drum. I don't know how long each phase lasts, but I've found it quite interesting.

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Contains Ceramic coating, Laminar crystals, Adhesive.

The Star Chamber Receiver is a small stack of laminar crystal, filled ceramic pieces. It comes to you fully assembled, approximately 2.5" tall, using a Crystal Cupcake as its base.

Laminar Crystals will not dissolve in water.


Directions for Use

To adjust the surrounding energy and clear your space from electromagnetic chaos, place the Star Chamber Receiver where you spend most of your time (office or bedroom), or in the center of your home.
Or place it in your bath or hot tub, to energize the water.

Use it to energize your drinking water, or make your own Magic Water for better hydration.

Recommended Use

Energy Device to fill your space with harmonizing energy, clear of electromagnetic chaos. Protect yourself from negative environmental energies. Energize the water in your bath or hot tub.

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