Podcast 022: The Star Chamber and Rejuvenation

Star Chamber contains three devices. It is designed with the idea of rejuvenation, the restoration of youth and youthful vitality in all aspects of one’s lifestyle.

This type of system has been used since 1995: The patient lies on a bed of “black crystal”. Kinetic responses are then measured to determine the subsequent time lengths. The second part involves a sensual bath in a uniquely super-charged water loaded with magnesium. Thus begins the sensation of “floating in space”. The final step is another nap on the bed, except this time the bed is made of laminar crystal.

Results vary, but generally a remarkable feeling of elation is achieved, and it is just this feeling that the Star Chamber attempts to emulate.

Both the Seattle and London centers closed, not because the Star Chamber was not working – it was for personal reasons of the operators.

At the moment there are active healing centers in Turin and Rome, Italy.

Podcast 022: The Star Chamber and Rejuvenation

Scott Paton: Welcome back everybody this is the Life Enthusiast co-op. I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Our website is www.life-enthusiast.com. The podcast can be found at lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com if you want to listen to other episodes of our exciting podcast. Also if you want more information about any other products, please call 866 543 3388. Hey Martin how are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: Scott I am doing great. I am actually really excited because I am traveling, I am going.

Scott Paton: Where are you going?

Martin Pytela: I am going to London, U.K.

Scott Paton: Excellent.

Martin Pytela: The big city of London and we are actually turning on a Star Chamber which is … this is a big deal we have, there is a functioning Star Chamber in Seattle, Washington which people can of course find links to in the Twilight America pages.

Scott Paton: What is the Star Chamber Martin?

Martin Pytela: Oh yeah that’s right. Well this is the name that Jim Carter used for this setup that he figured out. We talk about how you are able to charge the Life Force energy into products and change the structure of the water and make it more penetrable to the human skin.

Scott Paton: Right… right.

Martin Pytela: This whole process essentially is a very ancient form of energy. The great pyramids were based on that form of energy too. Its also known as the Orgone and Life Force and Chi and Prana, I mean it comes under so many different names, but essentially it’s the mysterious vibrational force that we don’t know how to measure I mean I know … I know when I see it you know for instance the difference between a dead guy and a living guy doesn’t seem to be much maybe 21 grams I am told and yet you know in one situation he is moving and then he takes his last breath and he stops moving.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: What happened I don’t know but I see it in action for instance if I go out with couple of twigs looking for water underground, you know dousing, you can see that some force has moved those sticks. You can’t see them though.

Scott Paton: That… I had an amazing experience with my father. We were at a fair just outside the town that he lives in and there was a fellow there who had a branch right he is holding the ends of the branches and then they would move up to the fork, so it was like upside down fork branch and he was holding the ends and he said okay Scott you hold one end with him, so you know I have one end my dad and him held the other and he says we are going to dowse right

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: And kind of like okay and then we were watching and the end of it where there is nobody touching, there is no … nothing touching like its pointing straight up in the air starts to bend down towards the water and it basically snapped the branch, but we are all holding one side of the snap like there is nobody holding the other side that’s like when you stop you got to hold both ends and …

Martin Pytela: Yeah.

Scott Paton: And who is just like how like this is really powerful energy and

Martin Pytela: And yes.

Scott Paton: And he would look at us both this is right you guys are really good dowsers right? We never done anything like it before in our lives.

Martin Pytela: Well most people can dowse if they would just allow themselves to do it.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: I mean that our bodies will interact with this energy because the underground streams do put out this energy and it’s … its well one of the names that’s used for it is the Orgone or Life Force.

Scott Paton: Very cool

Martin Pytela: And it’s not electromagnetic and so it doesn’t measure on a voltage, voltmeter or an ampmeter or inductance meter, we know that much.

Scott Paton: So basically the Star Chamber changes the water. We know from the work of doctor Emoto what happens when you put thoughts onto water.

Martin Pytela: What we do yeah what we do with water is we essentially erase whatever memory the water has had. We just turn the water into an empty water sort of like if you erase all the writing off of a page you have a clean slate.

Scott Paton: All right so none of the bad energy that was in the water.

Martin Pytela: Yeah.

Scott Paton: … is there any more.

Martin Pytela: Right so that … that gets erased and then as you carry on as you keep removing the hydrogen bonds out of the water… the water becomes denser somehow or more penetrating to the… to the human tissue.

Scott Paton: So becomes more hydrating.

Martin Pytela: Yes it … it seems that each individual cell only opens a very tiny hole probably just a one molecule at a time tiny hole for the water to come inside the cell. So if the water is clustered if it has a lot of these hydrogen bonds it will be well the analogy … analogy I use is like the whole bunch of school children holding hands and you are trying to push them through a tiny gate in the fence.

Scott Paton: One by one.

Martin Pytela: Right so you will have to essentially break those bonds first. You need to get these kids to stop holding hands to separate and go in through one by one.

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: So if your water… if your water, your water is full of these bonds through all of the mechanical and chemical and physical influences its head then it just will not penetrate into the cells, so no matter how much water you drink you are still not hydrating at the cellular level.

Scott Paton: Right it just goes right through.

Martin Pytela: Yeah while you body has to expend a lot of energy on separating the water bonds to get that water in. That’s why you are asked to drink so much because only 1% to 2% of the regular water is in this desirable unlinked state.

Scott Paton: All right.

Martin Pytela: But if you get… if you get water that has been prepared and unlinked in a greater percentage. So its just the water we have, we don’t need to drink 8 glasses a day, two glasses, three glasses will do and you will be hydrated.

Scott Paton: Cool, so what is this Star Chamber that you are going to see in London or start in London do?

Martin Pytela: Okay well I will explain a bit more so anyway there is this water changing process is done in a crystal, its in a crystal form. Jim Carter found that this particular crystal that he named laminar crystal if you make a large enough pile of it, it will accumulate the life force.

Scott Paton: Okay.

Martin Pytela: This Life Force energy is then passed onto whatever put upon it. So normally we were using the products like the magic oil or the bath crystals that we just put inside of this charger maybe with this crystal, but what you also can do is you can take the whole human body and put it on the sand, on this crystal bed and it will charge all the water inside that body.

Scott Paton: How neat.

Martin Pytela: So there is an article about the Star Chamber on our website and its there are three stages to it. First stage is a magnetic crystal that we lay people on and its serves to align all the energies and soften all the hardened stuck energies. The second stage is the dip in a tub that is filled with magic water. The water that has been properly structured and has had some minerals added to it, so you know we hydrate the body and in the third stage we find to lay the person down on a bed of these crystals. It’s about a barrel full of these crystals in a bed.

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: And after 20 minutes it feels as though somebody just gave you the energy you had 10 years ago.

Scott Paton: Ah very cool.

Martin Pytela: So that… that’s the process, so we… we have sent all the materials down to London I am just flying over to put it back together, to activate it… get it working. So we now will have a healing center in London we call it the rejuvenation station. It’s at the Surya Center, downtown London. We will have a link to this on our website soon enough. I don’t want to put the link up until I have tested myself and it’s been deemed safe and functional.

Scott Paton: Right

Martin Pytela: But soon enough the link will be there so we will let people know

Scott Paton: Right and if they wanted to go and experience it, they could experience it in Seattle, Washington right now.

Martin Pytela: Oh yes that’s correct. There is a link to that under Twilight America pages.

Scott Paton: Yeah and I will put a link to it on our Podcast page as well.

Martin Pytela: Right on

Scott Paton: That’s true.

Martin Pytela: Yeah our American listeners they will definitely be able to experience that right away and the people in U.K come on down to London, meet us there I will be at the body, mind and spirit show that’s between May 23rd and 28th, 2007.

Scott Paton: Neat.

Martin Pytela: So we will be introducing the products there.

Scott Paton: Very cool.

Martin Pytela: So.

Scott Paton: Well that’s very exciting because I know you know from our private conversations that you have been looking forward to going to London for a little while now and … and that’s great news.

Martin Pytela: Yeah it’s been more difficult to pull it out together than we imagined. Surya Center is quite the project, it has a gym and a juice bar and a restaurant and practitioner offices and this Star Chamber. So, there is quite a lot going on there and they are renovating four storeys of a building downtown London, so it’s an enormous project.

Scott Paton: That is great.

Martin Pytela: Imagine four storeys of alternative and energetic health, a preeminent center for rejuvenation and health restoration. I will tell you and I am part of it.

Scott Paton: And you are part of it?

Martin Pytela: Yeah.

Scott Paton: That seems so exciting I have to take lots of pictures.

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: Okay put them up on our podcast page.

Martin Pytela: Yeah we will do that. I will be sending a picture of me in the bath tub.

Scott Paton: Very cool.

Martin Pytela: With my ducky.

Scott Paton: With your ducky right?

Scott Paton: Somebody wanted to see the Star Chamber in Seattle, all they have to do is call 425-455-3975. I will say that again 425-455-3975 and Dini and Leif will answer any questions you have and set up an appointment for you.

Martin Pytela: Certainly so and in London if the people want to call there it’s the international of course 44 for U.K. The local number is 207-713-6262.

Scott Paton: Can you say that one more time because …

Martin Pytela: okay the number is 207-713-6262.

Scott Paton: Great awesome, excellent well that’s really, really exciting. So you are on your way and we will … we will probably.

Martin Pytela: Probably as the people are listening to it … if they are listening to it just as released I am probably already in the air.

Scott Paton: That’s really exciting and we will do, we will continue to do our podcast because with the internet and technology … distance doesn’t matter any more.

Martin Pytela: That’s the good thing.

Scott Paton: Yeah.

Martin Pytela: So, again you know we talked about magnesium supplementation in our previous podcast. The big deal about the Star Chamber technology is that we are able to modify the structure of the water and deliver, deliver minerals directly to the tissue. It’s not just that you are able to structure the water properly that is important.

Scott Paton: Yeah.

Martin Pytela: But its also important to nourish the body with the right nutrients and it’s especially important to deliver the ones that are missing, and magnesium is one of the missing elements, the other ones and we will talk about those later, would be potassium and bunch of trace minerals such you know molybdenum is one of them. We get to talk about it I will just like to highlight for instance without molybdenum and sulphur, protein assembly doesn’t take place. So no matter how well you eat, your nutrients are not going to assemble correctly in your body. Little details like that.

Scott Paton: Right so key is not just eating well, the key is also is eating well and having it being absorbed.

Martin Pytela: Yeah it’s the balances and its, somebody told me that the devil was in the detail.

Scott Paton: Right well Martin thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day particularly since you are getting ready to go to London to share all these great information for us. I hope you have a great trip and to our listeners thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend it with us. We appreciate it, we appreciate you and you have been listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-op podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Martin, any last words before you get on the plane?

Martin Pytela: Well wish me luck.

Scott Paton: Good luck.

Martin Pytela: Thank you.

Scott Paton: Goodbye everybody.

Martin Pytela: Bye… bye.

Author: Martin Pytela