Anti Inflammatory

Many types of supplements are Anti Inflammatory. Inflammation is behind a wide range of diseases. Their names end with -itis or -etes. Inflammation is how your body repairs damaged cells. Symptoms are redness, swelling, pain, heat, loss of function. Amino Acids have resolved chronic pain diseases. Essenital Fatty Acids have natural and powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Magnesium is an excellent and cost-effective way to help resolve pain. Apply to an area of concern. You can bathe in it, or a simple foot bath works also. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) supplementation may improve oxygenation. Essential for connective tissue repair and maintenance. Silica holds all your connective tissues together. Supports your structure (bones, joints, cartilage, muscles). Your body does not store silica. You must replenish it daily. Adequate Silica intake may help your body move painlessly. Systemic Enzymes support proper functioning of your natural inflammatory response. They work to repair injuries and fight disease. Turmeric and Curcumin are anti-inflammatory. For your joints and cardiovascular health. Adequate hydration helps all systems function better. Especially pain from inflammation. Drink Energized Water and you may need less. Vitamin C helps to extinguish inflammation. Most aging people already suffer from inflammation as a symptom of disease. We aim to treat the underlying cause. Our natural supplements focus on rebuilding health. This is the answer to dealing with painful degenerative diseases. Take a look at our Blogs about Pain and Inflammation. You might enjoy listening to our Podcasts for current information on health repair and maintenance.

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  • Purality Health Micelle Liposomal Turmeric with Fulvic Acid 2 fl. oz.


    With Fulvic Acid for Ultimate Absorption

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     By: Purality Health
    With Fulvic Acid for Ultimate Absorption

    Main Benefits of Turmeric Healthy Inflammatory Response A powerful antioxidant to fight, reduce or prevent free radical damage. Turmeric lowers the levels of two enzymes that cause inflammation. (5) Protect Your Brain Cells - Maintain a Positive Attitude Reduces one main factor of memory loss: brain plaque. Turmeric binds to and dissolves abnormal proteins in your brain, protecting it from damage. (4) Promising results in studies on turmeric for mood balancing. Good things happen without abnormal protein "gunk" in your head. Supports Cardiovascular Function Anti-inflammatory effects stop platelets from clumping...

    • Promotes a Healthy Inflammatory Response
    • Supports Brain, Cardiovascular and Skin Health
    • May Enhance Detoxification
  • FiveProvide Opti-MSM

    Oxygen from MSM – Bioavailable Sulfur

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     By: Five Signals
    Oxygen from MSM - Bioavailable Sulfur

    FiveProvide Opti-MSM is an Excellent Source of Organic Sulfur The primary function of Sulfur is transporting oxygen across your cell membranes. Without intracellular oxygen, your health declines and you age sooner, rather than later. Better Oxygen Transportation Across Cell Membranes May Improve: Cellular respiration (conversion of nutrients into energy, then waste elimination) Healthy cell regeneration Recovery from fatigue Athletic performance Tissue rebuilding. This is the short list. Cellular oxygen transport enables healthy cellular regeneration. It's essential for joint and soft-tissue repair and maintenance. It may speed up muscle recovery by assisting in the...

    • May Provide More Cellular Oxygen
    • Helps Joint Repair and Maintenance
    • May Speed Recovery from Over-exertion or Repetitive Stress
    • Helps Relieve Fatigue (temporary or chronic)
  • Rosemanol

    Wild Rosemary Oil

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     By: North American Herb & Spice
    Wild Rosemary Oil

    Rosemanol stimulates mental activity. Antioxidant ORAC value of 3,300 that is the same free radical fighting power as goji berries, and nearly four times more potent than BHT, the synthetic antioxidant used in preserving foods. Helps Relieve Stress Helps decrease cortisol in your saliva. Cortisol is a stress hormones that's released when you're stressed. May Increase Cognitive Function Excellent brain and nerve tonic, used by students during exams to increase concentration and focus. Rosemary stimulates mental activity. Good for mental fatigue, anxiety and forgetfulness. Hair Care Commonly used in shampoos and lotions. Helps stimulate hair follicles, making it...

    • Antioxidant (helps reverse signs of aging)
    • May Improve Brain Functions (anxiety, focus, forgetfulness)
    • Helps Liver and Gallbladder Function (digestion, allergies)
    • Use Topically to Relieve Aches and Pains
  • Oil of Black Seed

    Healthy and Tasty Aromatic Oil

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     By: North American Herb & Spice
    Healthy and Tasty Aromatic Oil

    Oil of Black Seed is rich in Thymoquinone, a phytochemical that benefits a wide range of health issues: May improve digestive regularity and health Helps strengthen immunity Supports circulatory system health (heart muscle, arteries, lung function) Detoxifying effects support liver and gall bladder health Top source of essential fatty acids and other vital nutrients. Tasty addition to smoothies, soup, salad or veggie...

    • Supports a Healthy Circulatory System, Liver and Gallbladder
    • May Improve Digestion and Immunity
    • Essential Fats, Tasty Addition to Soup, Salad etc.
  • Andreas See Oils Black Cumin Seed Oil 7 fl. oz

    Black Cumin Seed Oil

    Essential Oil May Boost Immunity and Overall Health

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     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Essential Oil May Boost Immunity and Overall Health

    Black Cumin Seed Oil from Nigella Sativa. Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Power May boost immunity Promotes joint health, eases joint pain Helps boost metabolism to promote weight management Strong antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal properties Supports cardiovascular system Regulates cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar Supports digestive health Discourages abnormal cell growth (tumors) May strengthen your liver, helps it filter toxins Alleviates symptoms of breathing difficulties Supports reduction of antibodies in auto-immune challenges. All seeds are organic and not genetically...

    • May Reduce Inflammation and Pain
    • Helps Boost Metabolism
    • Antibacterial, Antiviral and Anti-fungal
  • Algonot FiibroProtek


    Promotes Health of Brain and Nervous System

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     By: Algonot
    Promotes Health of Brain and Nervous System

    FibroProtek promotes neuromuscular harmony between your body and mind. Helps cellular repair from physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant psychological stress. Natural and patented supplement containing: Coenzyme Q10 An antioxidant that helps prevent and stop tumor growth. Helps reverse symptoms of aging and eliminate painful degenerative diseases. Helps convert food to energy. May be important to cognitive and nervous system health. May strengthen immunity. Carnitine Shown to ease discomfort, lessen fatigue and improve mental health. Luteolin Antioxidant that may reduce free radicals, mast cell and microglial activation, according to recently published research. Quercetin Natural non-acidic flavonoid, obtained from the saphora...

    • May Reduce Pain from Inflammation
    • Helps Lessen Fatigue
    • May Improve Mental Health
  • Turmeric Power-Plus

    Decrease Pain from Inflammation

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     By: North American Herb & Spice
    Decrease Pain from Inflammation

    Wild-grown, Raw Extract All ingredients support a healthy inflammatory response to reduce pain from inflammation. Potent and well absorbed turmeric with ginger supports a healthy digestive response, and is good for skin health Rosemary and turmeric are well established for supporting a healthy neurological response High density of turmeric polysaccharides will boost immunity Contains synergizing spice wild oils of Oregano and Rosemary, that dramatically increase potency. Made from potent, wild-growing spice that thrives without farming or cultivation - free of all pesticides and herbicides. Optimal form of delivery is micellized drops (micellization is...

    • Promotes a Healthy Inflammatory Response
    • Supports Brain, Cardiovascular, Neurological and Skin Health
    • Helps Boost Immunity
  • Bundle: Magnesium Regular Size

    Ultimate Companion to Battle Stress

     By: TransDerma Minerals
    Ultimate Companion to Battle Stress

    Bundle: Magnesium Regular Size may help you live a long and comfortable life. Magnesium is an extremely important mineral that your body requires for cellular health (along with calcium, sodium and potassium). It supports healing, regeneration and maintenance of all living cells. It soothes your nervous system (providing deeper stress free rest), and is essential for the production of amino acids that are critical for virtually every chemical reaction in your body. Our magnesium products are based on magnesium chloride. They are the solid form of Magnesium Oil, full of life force...

    • Soothe Frazzled Nerves for Deeper Relaxation
    • Ease Sore and Aching Muscles
    • Helps Allow Optimal Body Functions
  • Purality Health Micelle Liposomal Curcumin Gold 8 fl. oz.

    Curcumin Gold

    Liposomal Turmeric Extract

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     By: Purality Health
    Liposomal Turmeric Extract

    Curcumin Gold Helps Long-term Joint Health and Mobility Helps eliminates pain for everyone, from high performance athletes to sedentary elders - anyone wanting to reduce pain from inflammation, maintain healthy joint function, and even protect their heart and mind can benefit from Curcumin Gold (1,2,8,14,15). Three powerful ingredients, with the patented Micelle Liposomal technology provides a powerful dose of anti-inflammatory goodness that's easy for your body to absorb (3,4). 1. Curcumin Extract from Turmeric root, used as a remedy for various ailments in ancient medical systems for thousands of years (1). Studies confirm it can...

    • Powerful Anti-inflammatory May Relieve Pain
    • Supports Heart and Brain Health
    • Exceptionally Easy To Absorb
  • Potent Liposomal Antioxidant and Detoxifier

    Vitamin C by QuickSilver Scientific

    Potent Liposomal Antioxidant and Detoxifier

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     By: QuickSilver Scientific
    Potent Liposomal Antioxidant and Detoxifier

    Vitamin C by QuickSilver Scientific acts as a powerful antioxidant. It's been shown to help: Neutralize free radicals that can potentially damage DNA, lead to premature aging and a number of chronic diseases including heart disease, blood sugar issues and unwanted growths. Support immune function to help fight the flu and other infections. Ongoing supplementation has shown to significantly enhance immune function, and can reduce your risk of catching the common cold in half. Healthy aging and brain functions, and reducing inflammation and pain. It shields your cells and DNA against...

    • May Help Slow Aging and Risk of Tumors
    • May Reduce Inflammation
    • Supports Stronger Immunity
  • Shield Immune Support by Rehmannia Dean Thomas RD Herbs 90g


    Chinese Herbal Formula with ORMUS

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     By: RDT Herbs
    Chinese Herbal Formula with ORMUS

    Shield helps protect your body, mind and spirit. From bacteria, fungi, viruses and stress. Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory May boost immunity Helps protect your white blood cells Promotes peaceful empowerment. Shield is multi-faceted in its approach to fighting against invasive and unwanted organisms and energies. Contains the top five polypore mushrooms. Well known to build protective energies. Also contains anti-microbial herbs. Helps break up Chi stagnation. This blocks vital movement of energy in your body. The root of all disease. Taking this formula regularly can help you feel a sense of safety against the elements. Fostering...

    • May Help Strengthen Immunity
    • Anti-microbial and Anti-inflammatory
    • Promotes Peaceful Empowerment
  • Folium RelaX

    RelaX Super Antioxidant

    Stress Relief Calming Supplement

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     By: Folium
    Stress Relief Calming Supplement

    RelaX Super Antioxidant helps reduce stress when you're overwhelmed. Formulated with all-natural ingredients. Helps restore and support inner calm, relaxed mood in any situation. Promotes emotional and mental balance and clarity. Helps you deal with phases of despondence, nervousness or irritability. Helps calm your mind into a restful sleep. Without making you feel drowsy. Helps reduce free radicals Detoxify from heavy metals and radiation May strengthen...

    • May Restore Emotional and Mental Balance
    • Helps You Calm Down to Restful Sleep
    • Helps Detoxify from Radiation and Heavy Metals
  • Folium Immuno

    Immuno Super Antioxidant

    Plant Extracts in Capsulses

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     By: Folium
    Plant Extracts in Capsulses

    Immuno Super Antioxidant Designed specifically to combat toxins and micro-invaders that caused the current world health crisis. Including lung-related complications and hospitalizations. The ingredients work synergistically to disrupt the activity of invaders, toxins and proteins that are linked to diseases and chronic complications. Years of clinical trials and testimonials demonstrate these benefits. Patented formula ingredients work to: Help Boost Immunity Decrease infections (viruses). Enhance lung health. Especially important in the current world-wide situation. Feel better sooner. Recover faster from illness and over-exertion. May Detoxify, Full-Body Metal Cleanse Toxic metals are absorbed daily from the air we breathe, the food...

    • Helps Fight Infections and Boost Immunity
    • May Detoxify, Helps Physical and Mental Energy
    • Helps Reduce Pain from Inflammation
  • Purality Health, Glutathione

    Glutathione from Purality Health

    Nano Liposomal Detoxifying Supplement

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     By: Purality Health
    Nano Liposomal Detoxifying Supplement

    Live Life to the Fullest with Glutathione In as little as 7 days, you may notice: More energy Feel healthier and happier Brighter, more youthful complexion Starting to lose weight with less effort than ever before Purging unhealthy toxins that are holding you back. This master antioxidant and detoxifier is key to help restore health. Acts as a powerful antioxidant Helps eliminates toxins Combats free radical damage May reduce inflammation and pain Helps boost moods Promotes weight loss. Key Benefits of Taking Glutathione Enhances detoxification Glutathione plays a key role in your body’s natural detoxification...

    • Detoxifying May Decrease Risk of Disease
    • May Strengthen Immunity, Resistance to Viruses
    • Anti-aging Effects
    • Unparalleled Absorption
  • Exsula Superfoods AuraFit 400g Powder


    Superfood Blend with Silica and 300mg Ecklonia Cava

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Superfood Blend with Silica and 300mg Ecklonia Cava

    AuraFit contains 300mg Ecklonia Cava. Choose your Silica rejuvenation boost factor with the amount of Ecklonia Cava you need: AuraSil (30mg Ecklonia Cava) AuraMax (1200mg Ecklonia Cava) Silica Helps Strengthen Your Connective Tissues May minimize joint discomfort. Transfers calcium and essential minerals into the bone matrix. May Increase Flexibility and Mobility Reduce muscle soreness from physical activity. Silica for Bone Support Helps maintain bone density and strength. May Strengthen Arteries Increases elasticity of blood vessels. Support Skin, Hair, Nails Teeth & Gums Restore youthful appearance with moisture and lubrication back into an aging body. In women, depletion...

    • Helps Strengthen Arteries
    • May Restore Connective Tissues
    • Helps Increase Mobility and Bone Strength
    • For Athletic/Sexual Boost use AuraMax
  • Ormus Oils Nettle Spagyric Tincture

    Nettle Spagyric Tincture

    Herbal, Alchemical Tincture

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     By: ORMUS Oils
    Herbal, Alchemical Tincture

    Nettle Spagyric Tincture is taken for more masculine energy, more passion and sexual energy, strong will and determination. Also helps with: Anti-inflammatory may help breathing difficulties and reduce pain May improve prostate health Helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar Helps regulate kidneys and immune system over-reactions (allergies) May improve menopause-related issues May improve bone health Helps strengthen hair Helps slow aging. Intuitive Tonic for More Passion and Determination The object of plant alchemy is to supplement forces lacking within the body, tempering energies and restoring balance, both physically and spiritually. "Alchemy provides the...

    • Anti-inflammatory Helps with Breathing Difficulties
    • May Improve Prostate Health
    • Helps Lower Blood Pressure
    • May Control Blood Sugar