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Bundle: Magnesium Ultimate Bath

Ultimate Companion to Battle Stress
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  • Soothe Frazzled Nerves for Deeper Relaxation
  • Ease Sore and Aching Muscles
  • Allow Optimal Body Functions

Ultimate Companion to Battle Stress


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Magnesium Crystals

  • For Bath and/or Foot Soak
  • Soothes Nervous System for Deeper Rest
  • Engages your "Repair and Regenerate" Nervous System
Crystals: 2.5kg/5.5lbs

Magnesium Gel

  • Relax Sore & Aching Muscles - Decrease Inflammation
  • Clean & Moisturize Your Skin, Hair & Scalp
  • Apply to your Hair, Face, Chest, Legs - and watch the Youth return
Liquid: 355ml/12oz

Magnesium Oil

  • Stop Cramps, Regain Mobility
  • Prevent Injuries
  • Counteract Tissue Hardening (calcification)
  • Treat Skin Conditions and Signs of Aging
Oil: 355ml/12oz

Magnesium Snow (Powder)

  • Detoxify and Relieve Congested Skin - Pull toxins out!
  • Mix with water or magnesium oil to make a paste and apply
  • Use it in your detox bath to stop re-absorption of toxins
Powder: 75g/2.75oz

Laminar (Mica) Powder

  • Supercharge Your Bath with just a teaspoon
  • Energize Your Skin Care Products, (cleansers, moisturizers, makeup)
  • Great on Cracked Feet and any other persistent skin problems
Powder: 100g/3.5oz

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Ultimate Companion to Battle StressUltimate Companion to Battle Stress


Live a Long, Comfortable Life

Soothe frazzled nerves for stress freer relaxation. Ease sore and aching muscles. Allow optimal body functions.

Restore vital magnesium to your body, and enable cellular regeneration to exceed degeneration.

Magnesium is an extremely important mineral that your body requires for cellular health (along with calcium, sodium and potassium). It supports healing, regeneration and maintenance of all living cells. It soothes your nervous system (providing deeper stress free rest), and is essential for the production of amino acids that are critical for virtually every chemical reaction in your body.

Our magnesium products are based on magnesium chloride. They are the solid form of Magnesium Oil, full of life force and totally safe. It is not recommended to mix Magnesium Crystals and Epsom Salts, it would become too drying for your skin.

Bundle: Magnesium Ultimate Bath

  1. Magnesium Powder (75g/2.75oz)
  2. Magnesium Crystals (2.27g/5lbs)
  3. Laminar Powder (100g/3.5oz)
  4. Magnesium Gel (355ml/12oz)
  5. Magnesium Oil (355ml/12oz)

At checkout, please let us know if you would like your Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Oil with or without Aloe Vera.

Magnesium Powder (75g/2.75oz)

Detoxify and relieve congested tissues, pull toxins from deep within your body through skin cells, not to be reabsorbed.

Magnesium Crystals (2.27g/5lbs)

For your bath to conveniently and cost effectively restore cellular magnesium through your skin. Bathing allows efficient absorption of the magnesium through your skin, the largest organ in your body.

Laminar Powder (100g/3.5oz)

Put a healthy glow on your skin. Supercharge your bath, energize and enhance your skin care products (cleansers, moisturizers, makeup). Great on cracked feet.

Magnesium Gel (355ml/12oz)

To be used as a hair product, skin mask, shaving gel, or tooth paste.

Magnesium Oil (355ml/12oz)

To be massaged onto your skin, for quick absorption in areas that need it most. Will do wonders for sore, aching or stiff body parts.

Directions for Use

Use as often as required to keep you relaxed, especially in the evening before bed time.

Laminar Powder
Mix the Laminar Powder with Living Water, Prill Water, Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Gel to form a paste, or add to your other skin care products.
Apply liberally to any area of concern, allow to dry, then buff off the excess with a soft cloth. It can also be brushed into your skin with a dry cloth. It will continue to hydrate and energize your tissues, as long as it is there.

One quarter teaspoon of Laminar Powder makes enough paste for a good facial: try mixing into Magnesium Gel or Magnesium Powder for a wonderfully hydrating facial.
Works great on dry, cracked feet. A wonderful base for makeup.

Magnesium Crystals
In your bathtub, dissolve 1/4 cup Magnesium Bath Crystals, and soak your body for 20 minutes (or longer), repeat twice a week or as often as you wish.

Magnesium Gel
Use 1/2 teaspoon of Magnesium Oil to massage in your areas of concern.

Magnesium Oil
Use a small bead of Magnesium Gel on your hand to massage in as required.

Magnesium Powder
Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Magnesium Powder with Living Water or Prill Water, to form a paste. As a skin cleanser, apply to face and/or body and leave until dry. Wash off.
As a wonderfully moisturizing and detoxifying soak, add 1 teaspoon to your bath.

Recommended Use

Ultimate companion to battle stress. Soothe frazzled nerves for better relaxation. Ease sore and aching muscles. Allow optimal body functions. These treatments will help you live a very long, comfortable life.

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