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Television Star Feels a Complete Difference in Only a Few Days!

Raynee Steele, a popular actress that played a former Golddigger on the Dean Martin TV show, now develops her own skin care and cosmetics. She is in her 60’s and looks decades younger!

(Raynee told our CEO, Tamera, that she felt the E3Live saved her life! Read why in the following paragraph)

“The reason I said I felt like you have saved my life is that I ALREADY feel a complete difference in my body and have only been taking the E3LIVE for a few days now. I haven’t had leg pains since the very first day of taking it and I’ve had these pains for over 6 months now without a break! It was keeping me from sleeping and making me grouchy. I’ve slept soundly and had ZERO leg pains.

I’m so happy and feel more secure now that I’ve experienced E3LIVE. I feel like no matter what goes wrong with my health that E3LIVE will fix it! That’s why I said I felt like my life had been saved. Thank you again for the E3Live, I love it and will take it until the day I die!”

~ Raynee Steele

“Hi again,
Something new happening to me since I started on the E3LIVE… This may sound crazy but I’m actually craving healthy food now instead of junk, and my system is not tolerating meat. I haven’t lost any weight yet but I feel as if it is a sure thing now that I’m craving salads, fruit veggies instead of cookies candy, pie and doughnuts! I know… shame on me!

My eyesight has improved, I’ve gone from a 175 strength to a 125 for reading, and a 100 strength for just everyday seeing, like when I’m driving.”


 Amazing Journey of Recovery for Mother of Two

“My name is JoAnn Napoli, I am 36, married and a mother of two young girls. My childhood consisted of many antibiotics taken for tonsillitis and upper respiratory infections, which resulted in a suppressed immune system. Nearly 4 years ago my health started to decline. It started with constant sinus infections, which were never completely cured by many antibiotics. The sinus infections quickly turned into chronic upper respiratory infections. I was prescribed at least 12 courses of the strongest antibiotics and 3 courses of prednisone in less than a year time.

My Immune system was rapidly breaking down. I became allergic to a wide variety of foods and airborne allergens. As the days went on I became weaker and weaker. At one doctor’s visit my physician told me that my blood sugar was at 57 on an empty stomach. He advised me to eat more frequent meals that were rich in protein. As a busy mom of two small active children it was hard for me to prepare such meals all day long. I therefore turned to protein bars and protein shakes to eat in between my three regular meals a day. I only expected this to help but to my shock, I became even sicker than before. I became so ill that I had lost more than 15 pound in less than 4 weeks. I almost fainted at my daughter’s gymnastics class and dance recital. My overall circulation was extremely poor. During the next few months, I found myself in the emergency room of three hospitals. I could hardly eat any food for approximately 4 weeks due to a swollen throat and severe nausea. One frightening morning, I could not open my eyes and I was severely shaking as if I was slipping into a comma. After 5 minutes, I forced myself to open my eyes (mind over matter) and took a blood sugar test. My sugar level was 27. I drank something really fast to bring my blood sugar up to normal. My mother called the ambulance. She had moved in with me to take care of my two girls since I was too weak to do this myself.

After this point my heart started racing 24/7 without stopping. I started going to see all different specialists. At every visit I told them of my massive doses of antibiotics that I had ingested within the last year. Some of the doctors just thought that I was crazy, and my blood could not be plagued by the medicine. I endured many tests, but the doctors would never take a live blood cell analysis under one of the most powerful microscopes made in order to confirm my fear and belief that I had a systemic yeast infection from the overdose of antibiotics. If it weren’t for my research, I would have died. As sick as I was, I sat at my computer searching to find out what the medicine could have done to make me so sick. Finally that is when I found information on systemic yeast infections from an overdose of antibiotics and prednisone. Also, I forgot to mention that one of my trips to the ER was because of a massive asthma attack. The ER doctor’s took my blood gas from an artery and my level was 66 instead of the normal 100. My heart doctor still would not believe these crucial results and he was ready to admit me into the psychiatric ward.

So many doctors disrespected me. Finally, I found one allergy/immunologist and a nutritionist to perform a live blood cell analysis on me. This test showed all of the results that I needed. One of my doctors was willing to help and started me on Diflucan 200mg. Every other day for 3 weeks, and than continued my dosage of Diflucan 200mg every day for a total of approximately 3 months. After the first 2 weeks of this medicine my energy started coming back, but I knew that I could not live on Diflucan for the rest of my life. I therefore went off of the Diflucan completely and within a week, I could barely function again. I remembered learning that very little can live in an oxygenated environment. One day, I was in a supermarket and found distilled oxygen water. I quickly brought it home and drank a full bottle. After that I got very dizzy and dropped to the floor. My body was obviously lacking oxygen.

The following week I research good bacteria and found live active friendly bacteria in liquid form. Of course these two products helped, but my condition was so severe that the Epstein Barr Virus was festering in my blood, which then left after I started cleaning my blood. I was desperate to find a natural whole food blood cleanser. I had always found through my research that chlorophyll was the best. I knew that the plain chlorophyll pills on the shelf were not backed by any research as being profoundly effective. My condition called for something very powerful. I found fresh frozen wheat grass that seemed to definitely help my healing process more than the other two products. After approximately 1 month of that, I wasn’t satisfied. I still had some severe weakness left.

Then one day I finally found E3live through a woman, which I told my story to and I had mentioned that I was looking for a product with the largest amount of natural chlorophyll. That woman saved my life and gave my children a very healthy mother. After about 2 months of fresh frozen E3live in the amounts of 1 tsp. gradually adding up to 5 oz. a day, I was completely healthy, even healthier than I have ever been in my life. Now, I am drinking approximately 2oz. per day. I will forever spread the knowledge of E3live in order to fulfill my calling to help others. My dedication to a healthy life for myself and others is in memory of Anthony Corso, a wonderful father and pharmacist who suffered and died from Leukemia 22 years ago.”

JoAnn Napoli

Mom Has More Energy, Better Eyesight, Kicks Caffeine Habit

I am a single Mom working 64 hours a week and raising the last of my 4 children who happens to be a 13 year-old boy. I used to come home from work and flop on the couch from exhaustion. I would drag myself to the kitchen to make dinner, usually leaving the dishes until morning or later, resenting any phone calls or interruptions and God forbid my son needed help with his homework.

I was often irritable and cranky until I went to bed to toss and turn for 2 or 3 hours before finally going to sleep. On rising at 4:30 a.m., which is my habit, I was usually very stiff and sometimes had a headache. That was before I started taking my E3Live. The first dramatic change I noticed was much improved eyesight, which I feel is due to the superior nutrition in E3Live.

Exactly one week after I started the E3Live I was shocked to realize that I could read the large and the smaller print on the town water tower, which I drive past everyday on my way to work. For months I have been looking at that tower in the distance and wondering what it said. The next wonderful change that occurred is a little embarrassing to talk about but it dramatically improved my quality of life. Since going through “The change”, I’d been battling constipation.

My friends laughed and said, “its just part of getting older.” Now I’m laughing and telling them “I’m getting younger!” I haven’t been this regular since my mid-30’s. Which brings me to another point. Since taking the E3Live, I’ve had several people tell me that they thought I was in my mid-30’s or that I look like I’m in my mid to late 30’s. That’s well over 10 years younger than my true chronological age. I’ve also been told (since taking E3Live) that I look healthier and have more sparkle around my eyes.

I think the best part of this story is that I now have enough energy to take yoga classes 2 nights a week in addition to grocery shopping, cooking dinner, walking the dog, helping my son with his homework, going to violin lessons and orchestra rehearsals and auditions, visiting my daughter, granddaughter, cleaning house, etc. I don’t want to write a book here but I do want you to know that because of E3Live’s vitamins and minerals, I’ve been able to kick a 30 year caffeine habit, which in turn has enabled me to sleep better at night and have far fewer headaches.

It’s funny – I used to live in Oregon and actually that’s where I first heard of AFA. I had also hard of Klamath Lake but not the two together. I had to move here to Pennsylvania to actually give the E3Live a try and I’m sure glad I did. Now I think of my E3Live as nectar of the Gods and I drink it gratefully at least twice a day.
Betty Martin


I have had symptoms of a medical condition where I am always tired – physically and mentally (for 10 months now). Four months ago I went to see a nutritionist who recommended that I take E3 Live. About 2 1/2 months after taking E3Live, I noticed a change. I have less mental confusion and anxiety! Anyone with symptoms like mine can relate to this. If I forget to take the E3 live in the morning, I can feel the difference. Also I do not take any other supplements. Along with a balanced diet, plenty of sunshine, and E3 Live, I am much improved. Also my mom started taking the E3 and her hair and nails are growing like crazy! Her nails are very thick and strong and her energy level has gone up! I would highly recommend E3 Live. Pass it on!
Teresa Lombardi

Concert Performer Has Better Energy and Vitality

“As a concert performance artist and speaker, I travel by plane over 40 weekends each year. The discipline and stamina required of me is enhanced by the E3Live I consume daily from Vision. The energy and vitality I experience from E3Live makes a huge difference in the quality of my life and my performances. I encourage everyone to try this product and feel the results!”
Randall Leonard

Best-Selling Author Thwarts Mental Fatigue

Eliot is the author of Experiencing the Soul, a L.A. Times Best-Seller. “As an author, public speaker and meditator, E3Live helps keep my mind sharp, my energy high, and my spirit peaceful. I appreciate E3Live’s exquisite ability to bring me back from mental fatigue and help prepare me for meditation.”
Eliot Jay Rosen, Author

Modern Manna Health and Healing Crusade Event-Goers Feel The Difference!

I woke up with a fever and did not feel well this morning. I did not want to leave my house. I made myself come to the Modern Manna Health and Healing Crusade to get information for my friend that has cancer. About 20 minutes ago I came by your booth and drank some E3Live. I had no energy then. After the E3Live I went to the trampoline and bounced for a couple of minutes and now I FEEL GREAT! I just may fly out of here! Thanks so much, E3Live is really amazing! I can’t believe how much better I feel now.
Michelle Rogers

I am working in the kitchen at the Modern Manna Health and Healing Crusade. We are preparing food for about 1300 people – 2 meals, 12 hours per day. Tamera brought the kitchen staff some E3Live and we felt it immediately! I had energy and felt it in within 5-10 minutes. My tiredness and achiness in my legs left and I definitely feel better mentally! Amazing. Thank you Tamera.
Deborah Kemp

I don’t get enough sleep. I just had some E3Live a little bit ago and I noticed that I have so much energy! I am 63 and I feel great! That E3Live is really powerful! I appreciate you sharing it with me.
Marion LeMiller

Author: Life Enthusiast