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Podcast 458: New Products from UHTCO

With Jorge Urena, Founder and CEO of UHTCO Corporation. Discover all the many benefits of Peruvian plants… Read More

Podcast 358: Powrtein

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton introducing a new Superfood protein blend for both mental and physical performance… Read More

Excitotoxins: Ultimate Brainslayer

These biochemical substances react with brain or spinal cord receptors in a way that may kill or injure neurons… Read More


Having an abundance of Choline in your brain feels like caffeine, except you get even faster with better concentration, without the jitters… Read More

Magnesium from TransDerma Minerals

Energetically enhanced and highly absorbable, directly through your skin… Read More

Magnesium Fights Alzheimer’s Disease

Magnesium may help prevent so many body problems in bones, heart and brain… Read More

Coriander, Cilantro

Coriander leaves are known as Cilantro, the seeds are called Coriander, benefits of easing indigestion and preventing wound infection… Read More

Centella Gotu Kola

Centella Gotu Kola is great in helping and treating many problems and conditions, especially energy issues… Read More

Glyconutrient Product Comparisons

Based on well established scientific facts MPS-Gold 100 is the best Glyconutrient product you can take… Read More

Algae Reviews

People report so many benefits. They feel younger with more energy to get out of bed, and more energy to run marathons… Read More

AFA Benefits: Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

E3Live AFA has a unique energy that has an affinity to improving brain function. We now have clinical research showing AFA balances EEG readings and improves central nervous system functioning… Read More

Blood-Brain Barrier

All Essential Oils cross the blood-brain barrier. This makes them uniquely able to address disease, both physically and emotionally… Read More