Clean, energetically restored  water is the foundation of our health. Why is it so important? Why do we need to care about what water we drink? Not all water is the same, and we really need to be filling our glasses (and cells!) with the best water we possibly can.

Water is crucial for many bodily functions, it is the most important fluid you will ever encounter – every human body starts as a connection of two single-cell organisms that develops into a functioning human being while floating in the amniotic fluid that is basically water with added nutrients for nine months! Think of this: life on Earth began in the ocean.


Our bodies are up to 60% made of water. Over 90% of our blood is water. Our brain is 73% water, and even our lungs are over 80% water! Proper hydration with properly treated water is extremely important!

Around ⅔ of the water within our bodies is actually inside our cells (intracellular fluid – ICF), the remaining ⅓ is called extracellular fluid (ECF). We need minerals like potassium and sodium to maintain a proper balance between ICF and ECF.

Water is not here just to quench our thirst. Water is absolutely necessary for:

  • building new cells
  • transporting minerals and other nutrients into cells
  • digestion
  • metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates
  • detox and elimination (urine and stool)
  • skin elasticity
  • brain and spinal cord protection
  • protection of the fetus (amniotic fluid)
  • saliva and mucus production
  • joint protection

…and much more!

To further illustrate how important water is for our health: Did you know that kidney stones are caused by a lack of water in the body? Did you know that electrolytes in water (like potassium and sodium) are responsible for transmitting electrical signals throughout the body, which is absolutely necessary for the proper function of our brain and nervous system? We would literally not be able to think without water! 


The exact amount of water within our bodies differs based on age, sex, and weight. Our need for water also changes based on our level of activity, state of health, or even weather. There are no one-size-fits-all daily water intake recommendations that would work for everyone, you should always listen to your own body and its signals to figure out how much water you need. 

Not enough water can have fatal consequences, but too much water is a problem as well! Our bodies are losing water all day via breath, urine and sweat. When you ingest significantly less water than you excrete every day, you will become dehydrated. Signs of dehydration include fatigue, dry mouth, and extreme thirst. Prolonged dehydration can lead to decreased cognitive functions, mood swings, constipation, or kidney stones.

Too much water in the body can cause electrolytes in our blood to be too diluted, which can lead to conditions like hyponatremia (low sodium concentration in the blood). Symptoms of this overhydration include muscle spasms, nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue, and in extreme cases, coma. 

When we are sick, vomiting, sweating a lot, or experiencing diarrhea, we need to drink more water to both compensate for the loss and help the body remove pathogens. Of course, we do not get water just from drinking it, water-rich foods like watermelon, cucumbers, bell peppers, and tomatoes are a great source of natural water that contributes to your daily water needs! 


We bathe in it, cook with it, water our plants with it… But for our cells, tap water might not be good enough. The important thing to consider is the age of  the water pipes in your home. Years ago, the safety requirements were different from today, and many homes are supplied with water running through lead pipes.

Materials used in old water pipes can (and in most cases they do) release unwanted particles into the water. And, of course, there are environmental toxins like heavy metals, hormones, residues from pharmaceuticals, bacteria, fertilizers, and other compounds further polluting our water supply. 

Occasional exposure to untreated water is not a big issue, a healthy body can deal with acute exposure to these substances, but we drink this water every day for years, decades, generations! These contaminants accumulate in our body and cause all kinds of issues. 

And it is not just drinking! Showering in a chlorine enriched water makes you inhale (and absorb through the skin) lots of chlorine. Chlorine is added to our water to kill off dangerous bacteria in the water, true, but it also kills bacteria in our guts! Chris Kresser writes that during a 10-minute shower in hot water treated with chlorine you will be exposed to more chloroform than drinking two liters of the same water!


Unfortunately, there is no undo button, no time machine we could use to fix what we have already done, but we can all start making changes today to protect the future of our planet, water included. 

The pollution is so widespread, there is probably no area in the world that does not contain water with some degree of environmental pollutants. Well, maybe 3000 feet deep in a glacier it might still be pure! 

Water that travels through linear pipes builds up an electric potential that causes the dipoles to connect tighter, and form larger latent liquid crystal structures that we have grown to call clusters

City water has a higher number of larger clusters and fewer unattached loose molecules of water. To properly hydrate at the cellular level we need declustered water, which has been known under many names, such as energized, vortexed, living, etc. Plants do it for us, so carrot juice or cucumber juice will hydrate us better than a cup of tea made with tap water. 

The smaller the clusters of water molecules are, the easier they can get into our cells, where we need them the most! There is a lot we can do in our local environments, in our homes, our kitchens and bathrooms, gardens, and orchards. Become aware of the water you use – if you are not able to access a pure spring or a mountain creek, you need to filter it, and decluster it before you drink it. 

Filters are a great option if you just need to get rid of toxins, heavy metals, or unwanted bacteria. But for proper cellular hydration, a simple filter might not be enough! There are water filtering systems available that can do both – remove toxins and decluster your tap water. These systems are relatively inexpensive to purchase, but of course, you have to think about changing the filters. It is a great investment to your health though, a valid expense.

Looking for a super cheap but effective solution? We have you covered as well! Precious Prills lower the surface tension of the water, raise the pH of the water, and decluster it for increased hydration. Even if you think you might be drinking enough every day, chances are the water never makes it inside your cells because of the large clusters. With Precious Prills, you will be getting the most out of your water for just a few dollars, and they will last you for years! You will never have to buy bottled water again! 

Another option we recommend is the ADR-4 Harmonizer. This ceramic magnetic disc covered in a plastic casing (that is safe to be around food and beverages) creates a magnetic field around itself that affects the water molecules and reduces the size of the clusters. There is no magic here, just pure science, chemistry, and physics. You can use this device for your glass of water, bottle of wine, bowl of soup or a cup of tea. You can take it on your travels, and harmonize the (probably microwaved) food or drinks that you are served in restaurants.


Drinking structured, clean, pure water is so much more than just hydration. It means better nutrient delivery, better nutrient absorption, increased vitality, stronger immune system, stronger microbiome, healthier body, healthier you! You may consider your tap water safe, but is that  enough? Is it enough for your family, for your children, for your own quality of life? We are what we eat (and drink), and drinking better, healthier water is a huge step toward self-improvement. 

Healthy cells make a healthy body, a healthy body is a happy body, and a happy body means a happy life. Who doesn’t want that? A life of energy, joy, movement, happiness, vitality, playing with children and grandchildren, traveling exotic destinations, spending time with friends and family, just enjoying life to its full potential. So let’s raise a glass to your health today, a glass full of fresh, life-promoting water! 

Author: Nina