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Mercury Poisoning Crisis in Medical and Dental Science

Causing disease, harmful complication or other ill effect by medical activity, including diagnosis, intervention, error or negligence… Read More

Plain Soap Teeth Brushing

Made my gums a healthy glowing pink that I never thought would be possible… Read More

Root Canal Cover-Up

When the pulp is diseased or injured, your body will attempt to repair and heal itself and if unable to, the pulp dies… Read More

Dental Health Letter to Government

You can now take care of your own dentistry with insignificant cost, and end with perfect teeth… Read More

Root Canals: What You Need to Know

Every root canal infection may have a different bacteria, causing 3 different diseases… Read More

Against Fluoridation Deposition

by Dr. Gerard Judd about the effects of fluoridation on our health… Read More

American Dental Association gets Kiss of Death

The ADA protects centuries-old methods, with about 42% of their income from product endorsements… Read More

Podcast 133: Mercury Fillings and Your Health

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Mercury amalgam fillings impact all of us, and about 1 in 4 people are really deeply affected, with wide ranging complications… Read More