pH Balance

pH Principles

Take an active interest in what you eat, think and do. Use your pH numbers to motivate you towards good health. Read More

Positive vs Negative Ions

Our body systems will not adequately function without negative ions. Negative ions promote healing and good health to the whole body and are utilized by all body systems. Read More

Myers: Test Your pH

The test is simple. You do a saliva test upon waking. Then test your second urine of the morning. Eat breakfast then check your urine pH between meals… Read More

Body Fluids: Basis of Health

All negative emotions create an acidic environment. Love and understanding cleanse and help repair your body… Read More

Reverse Acidosis

Moderate exercise, quality air, Metabolic Typing, balanced dietary supplementation and diet will do the trick. Read More

Minerals Are Responsible for pH

Without adequate mineral supplies, your body cannot compensate for excess acids. Read More

Indepth: The pH Regulatory System

Our body’s pH level is a direct result of what we eat and drink, anytime we are experiencing imbalance, we need to look at what we have historically been eating and drinking because this impacts our pH. It’s a circle. Read More

Hydration with pH Balanced Water

Water with added trace minerals can maintain its right balance because of its high mineral content. Read More

How We Become Acid

The main reason we become acid is from eating against our Metabolic type Read More

Fasting for Health

God’s desire is for us to be healed. Even in the face of the worst news you have to make a stand on faith that you will be healed. Read More

Diet Guidelines for pH Balancing

Stress on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual) cause the body to overproduce acid wastes, upsetting our delicate alkaline/acid balance… Read More

Characteristics of Acidity and Alkalinity

People with properly balanced pH will enjoy being emotionally stable, mentally clear and free from aches, pains and disease… Read More