Immunity and Infections

SBOs and Immune System

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Salt Spray Stops Germ Spread

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Superbugs vs Mankind

Between 1940 and 1970 – the golden age of antibiotics – we developed thousands of the drugs, and then we squandered them. Read More

Influenza: Is It Dangerous?

36,000 people in the US die from the flu every year. Read More

Herpes Virus Levels Reduction

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Natural Flu Remedies: Four Effective Tips

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Jenny McCarthy was right: the MMR vaccine does cause autism

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Humic Acid Effective Anti-Viral

Humic acids virus-fighting properties for viral diseases Read More

Flu Shot: The Pro and The Con of It

More sleep, less sugar and alcohol, and more healthy foods. Oh and one more thing, more sunshine, or at least vitamin D Read More

Flu Prevention Instead of Flu Shots

Back in 2018 we wondered if “they” were looking for an excuse to sell a lot of vaccines, and create a compulsory vaccination program… Read More

Ebola virus outbreak and what you can do

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Herpes Virus Diseases

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