Electromagnetic Frequencies

Have you ever heard that cell phones are dangerous for your health? Or that your television can have a harmful effect on your brain, even when its turned off? That sleeping with a tablet next to your head is not a good idea and may be the reason why you wake up even more tired and sluggish? And now, honestly, do you believe these claims? Or do you think your parent, wife, doctor, or best friend just wants you to spend less time with your wireless device?

Electromagnetic field (EMF) is described as local buildup of electric charges and is not necessarily dangerous. The Earth itself has a strong magnetic field that makes a compass needle orient correctly. During a storm, lightning produces a significant electric charge that leaves some EM residue in the atmosphere. These charges are perfectly fine, nature intended, and actually helpful. But besides these natural sources, our planet is literally covered with waves of human-made EMF including x-rays, electricity, radio waves, microwaves, wi-fi signals, TV antennas, and cell phone tower signals.

Electric pollution, sometimes referred to as electrosmog, is yet another environmental toxin, alongside of toxic food, skin care, household chemical products, smog, and polluted water. The cell phone in your pocket, the wi-fi router in your living room, the phone charger next to your bed, even that tiny LED light on your DVD player, all these can potentially disrupt your sleep, negatively affect your health, and make you feel miserable for no obvious reason. During sleep, our bodies should rest, regenerate, and detoxify, but they are not able to properly wind down when constantly exposed to electromagnetic waves and the blue light displays of many electronics. Some symptoms of EMF exposure include headaches, hyperactivity, nightmares, depression, muscle cramps, and some scientific studies even linked EMF exposure to autism.

While the LED lights, and blue light from your phone or laptops screen, block your ability to produce Melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for the quality of your sleep, these can quite simply be avoided by turning all the devices off, or unplugging and removing them from your sleeping area. Amber tinted apps scheduled to come on about 2 hours before you want to go to bed can also reduce the effects of using your phone, tablet, or laptop too close to bedtime. Other, not so obvious or easy to avoid sources of EMF might be difficult to work with. There is virtually no possibility to go out, rent a wrecking ball crane and tear down all the EMF producing signal towers around your house. But just as with any other toxin of daily life, EMF can be filtered away.

We see that water filters and air cleaning devices work, and with proper equipment we can filter away this harmful electromagnetic dirt too. A variety of EMF protection products are available on the market, both to secure our home environment, and ourselves as individuals when were out in the world. Learn about these tools and discover tips on how to use them to their maximum potential to get the best results. CellGar is a protective sticker you can put on any electronic device in your home, for example computer or laptop, cell phone, microwave oven, or a radio/stereo. It is charged with frequencies that are known to cause positive charge and disperse harmful EMFs to protect your body, mind, and spirit.

To stay protected and safe during sleep, use the ADR Mat to cover your current mattress and the negative impact of electric fields will be absorbed and minimized, allowing your body and mind to rest and recharge completely. ADR-4 is a small, yet powerful device you can use anywhere in your house or office. This magnetic disk, 5 inches in diameter in a ceramic casing, improves and restores circulation and kidney function, relieves pain and promotes healing, and restores your energy after physical exercise when used regularly. Leave it in your kitchen, bedroom, office space, or carry it in your purse everywhere you go to experience all the benefits. Whether you plan on protecting your bedroom, your kids, or just making your cell phone use less harmful, Life Enthusiast has you covered. So don’t leave your phone near your head all night. Get a regular old school noisy alarm clock instead. And as they say, go to the woods. Go often. Trees do not produce wi-fi, but you will find a better connection there.

Author: Nina