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Podcast 465: Tessamet

With Spencer Feldman. Tessamet helps decrease histamine production in the body. It may help to alleviate symptoms in the sinuses and lungs, skin, digestive system and brain… Read More


Not just a popular pastry ingredient, it’s a powerful spice with a number of amazing health benefits… Read More

Vaccination and Autism Link

Mainstream medicine insists vaccinations are a no-brainer, but we must consider the side effects… Read More

Thimerosal Cover-Up

Science shows that autism and many types of learning and neurological disorders are all connected to Thimerosal… Read More

Clinical Studies for Neuro C3

New micronutrient formula offers hope for those who suffer with mental and mood disorders… Read More

Fix Diagnosis Not Children

Medicating children as young as two years old with powerful mind-altering drugs is a public health scandal… Read More

MMR Vaccines DO Cause Autism

We must publicize widely that there are solutions to the damage that has been already done… Read More

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Symptoms include having trouble paying attention in school and difficulty in controlling hyperactive behavior… Read More

Autism Solutions

Eliminate toxins anywhere possible: air, water, food, dishes and pots, clothing, furniture, cars, offices… Read More

Autism in Minority Children

Studies show that white kids may be diagnosed with autism as much as a year and a half earlier than black and other minority children. Read More

ADHD: Should You Medicate Your Child?

The pressure to medicate increases, what these children actually need is targeted nutrients… Read More

Nutritional Medicine Instead of Pharmaceutical

Say NO to drugs and YES to something else. That something else should be targeted nutrition… Read More